Another - Episode 5: Build limbs

Answers. Finally.

 For a 12-episode anime, I'm glad that answers finally started rising. First off, I was glad that a couple of my theories were correct. It's finally cleared to all of us that Misaki, Mei is actually alive and well and what she meant that she "doesn't exist" is explained. What I've been thinking about this is that what's the reason why she was selected. Was it on random? I don't really want to think of it that way. There must be some reason behind it.

Anyway, one big question that came to me was probably the reason why Takabayashi died. I do understand that he died because he's going to break a class rule (assuming that the rule includes to never talk about Mei) since he did offer to answer all of Kouichi's curiosities but what bothered me here is why is that? I think that this goes back to the question why is all of this happening? Even Mei can't explain this to us when Kouichi asked her.

After Takabayashi dies, the next thing we know was that he was already isolated from the rest of the class. The number one thing that came to me in here is that since Kouichi seems to have been the number one cause of the deaths since he talked to Mei and not talking to him could stop everything. OR could it? I believe that this was added to the class rules. Anyway, Mochizuki wasn't stopped by the additional rule (assuming that ignoring Kouichi has been officially added to the rule) and even proved to us that Mei actually exist since he mentioned her in his letter to Kouichi. Well, I won't summarize their conversation but Mei gave answers to Kouichi's questions up to the things she knows. Or what she would like Kouichi to know?

Other than these two, what seems to have stirred my mind in here is when Mei said that there is someone among their class that is a ghost. Remember what's carved in her desk? Who is dead? There're only a few recognizable characters in their class left and I still can't make my mind up on who the heck it is :|

Now there're a couple of big things that has been bothering me after this episode. First off, from the previous victims, I'd say that those who die were actually the people who'd mention Mei's name: Sakuragi whom Kouichi first said Mei's name to right at episode 1, I believe she said Mei's name as well after Kouichi did (in a freaked-out questionable manner); the death of her mother is out of my knowledge but probably it's because people related to those in class 3 also dies; next up is Mizuno who died last episode said Mei's name a number of times since she's somehow helping Kouichi uncover Mei's identity or the mystery in class 3 (she's not in class 3 but since her brother is, she's part of it as well); now Takabayashi obviously died because he's going to answer Kouichi's questions regarding Mei. I think it all makes sense but I can't be so sure. As for Reiko-san who seems to be on the death row as well did mentioned Mei's name, I'm not so sure which episode but I believe that she did AND finally Mikami-sensei who's the newest person to be on the notice for death row is still a mystery to me. Adding her to my list probably breaks my theory but she must have done something OR is the series of deaths really random? BUT I wouldn't believe it to be random. From what I've been thinking, it all boils down to Kouichi. Other than the curse, Kouichi's interactions to other people triggers their death. Could Mochizuki be next?

After going through this assumption that the people who mention Mei's name dies, the question that follows this is that why hasn’t Kouichi die? In fact, he didn't only mentioned Mei's name, he even talks to her on a regular basis (by going to the doll shop). I'd say that this has actually got something to do about his mother being part of the class 3 Misaki (the one who died  26yrs ago) was in. It was also said that she died 15yrs ago (when he was born) and it was also the same year that Reiko was in class 3 (I believe this was mentioned in the earlier episodes). I'd like to assume that she died because Reiko who was in class 3 is their relative. Now I'd like to see what this relation's meaning to the entire story.

I wouldn't go on the details of everything that happened but these things are probably the ones that really caught my attention in this episode. If ever I missed a few seemingly important points, please do tell me and I'll be glad to add them to my thoughts and questions(:

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Episode 6 Preview
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