Nisekoi - Chapter 14: Lending and Borrowing

Everyone sure loves making promises 10yrs ago, huh?

Mission Failed.

When I thought that things have gotten fast ones again and Onodera's finally going to confess to Raku, a  stupid baseball ball came crashing into the classroom, breaking both the glass and the mood. Guess this isn't really the right time for Onodera to confess to Raku. A right time will come and I'm willing to wait for it. I'd love to see Onodera confess and Raku nervously receive her feelings x3

Raku's lost locket.
Ah, so there's only one reason why Chitoge took all the effort to return Raku's locket to him. It's paying him a favor for saving her. I guess it's no shock since it just shows Chitoge's natural character of not having any debt on anyone.

Claude has some evil plan. >:]
First off, after a couple of Claude-less chapter, he's back and it looks like he's planning on doing something to Raku. AND it may seem like it but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with killing Raku. But what I noticed at the last part is Claude mentioning a promise to Chitoge 10yrs ago. Well that sure cleared things up. Now we all know that Chitoge has got nothing to do with Raku 10yrs ago. OR is there some major plot twist? XD
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