Bakuman - Chapter 167: Foolish Words and A Word

I don't know why, but for reasons I'm getting tired of this arc but this chapter sure was great. Rather, I was really happy to see an all fired-up Fukuda once again.

Mashiro's not even a bit problematic.
Sure Miho's in a really tight spot right now as a voice actress and idol. AND for some reasons, Mashiro's not even a bit worried about Miho not getting the part of Naho because he's so sure that she's getting it. Well, I don't want to ruin Mashiro's merry making 'cause even after the chapter he's still in it for Miho. BUT then, I guess we'll see who gets the role at the end of this arc, will it be Miho or Ririka? My bet's not changing.

Takagi's getting angry for Saiko.
Noticed how pissed off Takagi is for Mashiro. It's not really weird or anything. In fact, it's Mashiro that's weird because it seems that he's not even a bit bothered by all the issue. It's like, he finds out the issue, he's surprised and next thing we know, he's over it. Oh well, Mashiro will be Mashiro.

The Producer or the Director?
I really don't know who will get the final decision. Sure the producer is really important in the production of the anime but the director sure is a huge part of it as well. AND when the producer found out that Miho and Mashiro are in a relationship, he already thought twice about placing Miho in the role. Sure enough, there are some people who cares about which voice actor works on which anime and which character. AND I am undeniably one of the people who looks at the list of voice actors. ANYWAY, the director did said that he'd like to give Miho a chance and the role of Naho will be decided on the auditions. Personally, I think that Miho has a good chance if it comes to the director's decision AND that means we're still not entirely sure that Miho's getting it because I'm still into Ririka getting the part.

Fukuda is one of the best friends I'd like to have.
Fukuda sure is a person who'd poke his head into other people's problem whether it's concerning him or not as long as they're friends it's enough reason for him to but in. Anyway, what will do this time will sure be exciting. He could defend Ashirogi's point but I wonder how the fans will react to this. Moreover, if the fans reacted negatively, he might even get involved in all of this and received negative comments. Could Road Racer Giri end up getting into a tight spot because of his actions? We'll find out I guess.

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