Kokoro Connect - 03

For some reasons, I like how this anime doesn't entirely focus on the whole swapping business and I definitely like how it doesn't seem to waste its time on useless things. In this episode, we see further developments on our main characters. It's a fun episode and at the same time, I feel that I somehow understand some of them even more.

First off, I'd like to go over with Inaba (as Taichi) telling Fujishima Maiko (Itou Shizuka) to stay away from Nagase has got to be one of things that will be opened up and closed throughout the series. After the first part of the episode, we never heard anything about this issue but somehow I'm pretty sure they'll bring it up soon. It's funny how Inaba was like: Iori likes you (or something like that) and Taichi was just: no comment. Inaba told Taichi to lookout for Nagase since she seems to be at the verge of breaking down. It could be true since the most cheerful person is usually the weakest one but I personally think that the weakest of them is Inaba and she's just keeping up with the cool-I'm-not-breaking-down look because she seems to be the type who doesn't want to show any weaknesses.

As for Taichi, I still like his character plus now that it's been clear that he's the type of person who'd help anyone in any way possible. I actually like the switch that happened between Taichi and Yui. Like Inaba said, at least there's something good about this body swapping problem. I also didn't see Yui's androphobia coming. I thought that she really just doesn't like Aoki and is really annoyed with him. BUT yeah, thanks to Taichi, the androphobia is okay and they seem closer than before. I was really laughing how jealous Aoki is  with their sudden development.

Finally, this episode's cliffhanger wasn't really the most surprising. Like I said earlier, I find Inaba as the weakest among the five of them. The faint that happened at the last few minutes of the anime wasn't surprising rather it made me think just what happened. Sure part of it could be that she's half worn out with all the swapping… but could there be more?

In an overall look on this episode, I really like how everyone was given room to be develop. I want to know more of Aoki and Inaba but I'm sure we'll see that on another episode. Also, I wasn't the least surprise about Taichi bringing up Nagase's monologue last episode when he was talking to Aoki. And I was really glad to know that they haven't change at all. Well I still believe that they won't change so much. Probably just worn out but a total change of personality is pretty much impossible.

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