3Days of vacation is so not vacation: anime series I plan to watch over my 'vacation'

So I have 1 exam down, 4 to go :D Wish me luck! Before reviewing and getting crazy with the two subjects I need to study right now (Computer Engineering Ethics and Machine Intelligence), I'd like to share what I plan to do (or watch) during my 3crazy days of 'vacation'.

Aside from doing the usual stuff of cleaning up my school things and notes from this ending term, it's no doubt that I'll spend probably a day or two watching series that I have. I only have a few anime with me and still a number of series I plan to download. For most of the time, I'll definitely stick into watching the series that I have on-hand. So here're my list:

First off, I'd like to go through the series that I haven't finish:
Most of these are series that I tried watching but ended up placing on-hold. Tiger & Bunny and Gintama' definitely aren't included in those series that I placed on-hold since I just started watching them. Due to my lack of time, I can't watch them now. SO come 'vacation', I'll be finishing them :3

This next list will be the currently airing series that I'll start watching so that I can catch up:
Aside from these two, I'll definitely catch up on all those episodes that I haven't watch because of all the lesser watching time I had during these past couple of weeks because of projects and exams. These series I'll be catching up are: Jinrui wa Suita Shimashita, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Kono Naka ni Imouto ga Iru!, Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai, DOG DAYS' and Ebiten. After I get to catch up on all of these, I'll probably post my Monthly Summary for August - that is sooo delayed. But who cares? LOL.
Oh, and can anyone tell me, should you recommend me to continue watching Area no Kishi? 'cause I kind of feel like dropping it already x_x I actually placed it on-hold when I was around ep12 or whatever. Did it get any better? :/ I want to know.

And for this final list are the series that I have right now but I still haven't watched. Some of these are series that I have for so long but never even touched them. I'll probably watch these if I still have some time left:

I guess that's what I'll be having for my 'vacation'. Although if anyone could recommend me a better anime, I'll definitely consider watching them if I have a copy of that anime. If I don't, I'll probably just watch that on Christmas vacation. HAHA. I want recommendations!! :D

~on a final note, I'll be posting 1 episodic post probably on Friday and the rest will be on Saturday or Sunday. Most likely, I'll be doing a double post(:
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