Arcana Famiglia - 10 + 11

Arcana Famiglia is finally coming to a close and no, it didn't showed us anything better than the first episode. I'm really disappointed at how it turned out. Although I'm not really expecting anything from this. I'm just giving it some hope that at the very least it would be decent. And it barely made it. But I have to honestly admit that the bishounen really worked for me :3 I've added 3 more characters to my fave anime guys list. LOL.

Episode 10
I thought that Felicità's memory lost will be such a big deal that it'll be the final arc of the series but I was stand corrected. The Arcana Duello must still be on or not?? This episode tell us that there're a couple more things that should be done but before getting there, I'll go quickly with my impression of this episode(:

As Jolly had mentioned last episode, when Felicità uses her Wheel of Fortune arcana, her memories were supposed to go. I believe that that part was pretty much shown but I can't believe that all she's doing is stare out of nowhere. There's a chance that she can make new memories like what she did before, right? I don't understand why they didn't even mentioned that possibility and had Felicità look like she's out of her mind or something.

During the first half of the episode, it's pretty obvious that Felicità's Wheel of Fortune didn't work. I'm pretty sure that Jolly didn't expect that outcome as well. So I don't really seem him as anything evil. In fact, how he helped Felicità was more than enough for me to like his character. Although he probably won't think of using his power until Elmo had told him about the memories getting locked up or something.

Nova and Libertà's way of bringing Felicità's memories back is so typical I already knew that it won't do anything. Although through what they did Nova was able to somehow open up to Libertà :D Also, I'm pretty curious what Nova meant by Libertà being like them Does that means that Libertà's actually part of their family and was only brought to that torture-orphanage-thing? Hmmm… I hope that they'll make it clear soon.

Finally, their battle inside Felicità's memories was… boring. Although I have to admit that Jolly's power was pretty cool. I guess touching him allows other people to get there as well. Nova and Libertà playing the hero as they use their swords to free Felicità was pretty boring. Although I was actually laughing at Mondo and Jolly stupid attempt to remove all those thorny vines using their hands in a desperate pace. Couldn't they use their powers or something to free Felicità? Do they really have to use their hands to take out all those multiplying thorny vines and let the younger ones handle it? HAHA.

AND finally, with Felicità needing someone to be with her (or something like that, I think) the Arcana Duello will definitely be going on soon. This is probably some part to save Mondo and I highly doubt that there'll be a winner between Nova and Libertà. The ending will probably go like Felicità winning the Duello and the person (s) that will be with her will be both Nova and Libertà. Typical story. Really. Although seeing both Nova and Libertà finally realizing their feelings for Felicità is a nice development(:

Episode 11
Should I say finally? Looks like my prediction was correct. Now that there're only 1 more episode before the series ends, the Arcana Duello is finally going to happen. The most awaited event of this series will be going on in full speed. All those episodes earlier where mainly to develop the characters and their powers.

So all they need to do is make  a decision to strengthen their arcana power, right? With both Nova and Libertà deciding to protect and free Felicità, they're probably ready for the Duello. Felicità, on the other hand, is in a dilemma asking everyone around her what the heck is love. LOL. The funniest reaction has got to be Luca. HAHAHA. But that is just so him.

Now to celebrate Felicità's memory being recovered, they had to go to the sea and give her the butterfly hairpin? HAHA. I seriously expected the weather getting bad and them getting stuck somewhere for awhile. Let me point out some funny stuff. First off, I really wondered why both Nova and Libertà jumped off to the sea. One could just stay, probably Libertà, and Nova would save Felicità. That way they could have gotten home safety. Psh.. Another thing I noticed was that they were so far away from the island and they didn't even had problems getting there. Just how much endurance do they have? HAHA.

Anyway, enough with those rants. This episode probably shows just how much Nova and Libertà had grown ever since the first episode. They had been doing their best to get even stronger so that they can control their arcana powers. Libertà had his show off by lighting a fire with make some warm for Felicità. I'd say that Libertà's power is pretty good but I don't really want to directly compare it to Nova's because we haven't really seen so much of his power.

As for Nova, his resolution was to wake his parents up. His lost of control back then was probably a big cover up to indirectly say that he hated his parents back then because they were using him and they wanted to take over Regalo by killing both Mondo and Sumire. Now, he has may have forgiven them from what they have done after all these years. Although his emotions are probably not entirely ready to wake his parents up that why they're still asleep.

Now, with one more episode to go, we'll definitely see a not-so interesting conclusion and a pretty rushed Arcana Duello. Disappointed? Yes. Expected? Pretty much(: There're two things going through me in this series, J.C. Staff could really be a hit or miss production company as everyone had been saying and reverse-harem are series are rarely good (well the only reverse-harem that I like is Ouran Koukou Host Club - not only for the bishounen but also for the romance, the heroine, the story and other more stuff).

~okay, this has been a pretty long post. Thanks for reading :D
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