Tari Tari - 10

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't had fun watching this episode.

As always, TARI TARI had been a roller coaster show for me. There are times it'd seem good and seem bad. While most people out there are probably enjoying this series to the fullest because of its comedy and drama, it doesn't seem to be the style that would make me say I like it.

Now getting into this episode, I really enjoyed watching the choir club act as Western Shopping District Heroes. That has got to be the best thing in this episode. Wien leading the group with background music and actual enemies. Of course the fun part didn't ended there. The supposedly enemies were really funny most especially that old man who had a back ache. LOL. AND their super powers were really funny if I was in their place I wouldn't even be able to say it because it's so embarrassing o(≥A≤)o

For the second part of their part time job, Wien definitely showed off and he showed off well. Wien chasing the hell out of that thief made me laugh at the beginning. The thief was seriously surprised at how persistent Wien can be. Well that's just being Wien and I like him that way. Although this chase was definitely not only about chasing and being a hero and getting beat up and his costume getting messed up. Probably the best part in here was when Wien started singing the Gambaranger's theme song :3

Wien's voice is definitely good and I really won't get tired of hearing him sing. I might even try looking for a copy of his character song if ever there is one. Anyway, when the rest of them joined in, the song just got even better. I honestly like the combination of their voices until Wakana does a falsetto. That was definitely off in the song. A serious no-no.

I think I said in one of my posts that I am interested in knowing how Wakana will approach the vice principal. I guess seeing how Wakana's approach seem so calm and the vice principal suddenly became sad remembering Wakana's mother is something that satisfied me. I like how this turned out :D I'm pretty sure that the vice principal is really fond of Wakana's mother. I believe that the vice principal is more of like just making a strong face where in fact, she's pretty soft on the inside. She takes problems seriously but would always try her best to not show it (but it still shows. LOL).

Anyway, I really like the idea in here. How Wakana's mother write songs. The vice principal said: Because you're not enjoying yourself. You can't do it if you think you 'have' to. That's work. A song is something that flows naturall y from the depth of your heart. And the vice principal losing herself in her thought made me smile. It really makes me think that she really likes or probably admires Wakana's mother. She's definitely very sad when Wakana's mother told her that she's glad to see her one last time. Her reaction wasn't the most surprising and Wakana's mother was so like Menma (from AnoHana). Always smiling as if everything's just about having fun even if they're in pain.

Okay. Enough about me thinking so much about that. I guess I could be over thinking things here or whatever. I'll go watch the next episode soon. ^^, 
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