Nisekoi 38: Work

I can't believe this chapter took so long to get released! This is really great for those who're shipping Onodera and Raku  :3 ~oh wait, that's me :D

Of course the number one thing that I like in this episode is that it mainly showed Onodera and Raku :3 I'm still going for their pairing no matter what happens. This episode had so much development and I really enjoyed reading it.

First off, Onodera's mom was so fun. I like how she initially dislikes Raku until he shows off his cooking skill. And when she finally likes him, she teases Onodera :3 Seeing that side of Onodera's mother seem so natural except the declaration of son-in-law. LOL. That part was one of the best in here.

Now for the Onodera and Raku moment, I'm skipping all those candy making even though those were really cute :3 Most especially when Raku said that the old man was perverted. LOL. What really caught my attention was when Onodera told Raku that she knows that he's not really dating Chitoge. It seems that Onodera's still being bothered by the picture of Chitoge she saw that Raku had. It's funny that she never saw herself in the background. Raku, on the other hand, is now thinking of confessing to Onodera? I'm really hoping he would but I somehow doubt that it'll happen so soon. HAHA. As far as I can remember, Raku's on a relationship with Chitoge because of a condition. ANYWAY, this chapter's cliffhanger seems interesting. It makes me wonder what'll happen next. Rather what Raku and Onodera being alone together and with Raku staying overnight :3
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