REVIEW | The Fate

Series: Children of Wisdom #1
 Stephanie Erickson
 contemporary, mythology,
Published: November 22, 2015
Publisher: Pickle Press
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The thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily broken…  
My name is Penn, and I’m a spinner. As one of the three Fates, it’s easy for me to know the plans for the lives of the humans. Mine, on the other hand, is a bit foggier. I guess things started to get out of control when I spun her—Kismet. My focus shifted, one thing led to another, and I wound up banished to Earth.  
You’d think it’d be pretty hard to surprise me, but after my banishment, they just kept hitting me like a one-two knockout punch. When the people around me started dying before their time, I knew something was very wrong and I had to do whatever I could to set it right. The one thing I didn’t know was…what is the true fate of a Fate?

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Well paced and quick to read, The Children of Wisdom series had a great start!

{ 4 things about The Fate }

The main character, Penn, is a spinner - he spins threads to create life. He gives character to a person. His sisters, on the other hand, decides the length of a person's life and how it will end.
I really like this concept. I don't read a lot of mythology-based stories so I'm really happy that I enjoyed this. The idea and how it was executed is good. The world is nicely made. The conflict of the world is also very intriguing.

The pace is PERFECT!
It isn't thrilling yet not exactly boring. It's plainly alright. It's perfect for its story. It actually had me reading non-stop. It was difficult to put down!  I like how it kept me reading and never getting that need to breathe or put it down (even for a while). It's not a thrilling read but more like an interesting read - it intrigued me. I was always interested at where things will go, what will happen to Penn, what's causing the untimely death of people.

The romance was sweet!
It's not the swoon-y romance, sorry to tell you that. It's more of the sweet type of romance that would make you smile from ear to ear and make you constantly go 'awwww'. Yup. I don't know about you but I like my romance like that.

The ending left me wanting for more.
Oh this was a really, really fast read for me. It was really intriguing. I had this interest to know what happens to Penn, to 'heaven', to his beloved creation - Kismet. I just kept on turning the pages until there's nothing left.

OVERALL, The Fate is a well paced, fast read. It's honestly not the post page-turning book out there but it kept me glued to it until the end. It's quick read, only a hundred or so pages but the good thing is that the series is over. Penn is a main character that's too kind and too forgiving. It's neither his strength or weakness though. Though this character of him made him a very nice one to follow - I never got tired of him. If you're up for a nice and quick mythology read, I'd say go read this. If you want something completely mind blowing, full of twists, and whatnot, this is not your book.


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Have you read books that involves mythologies? Care to share your thoughts on them? Do you think that the author was able to give his/her own twist in it?

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