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turns out I don't have a photo of my current read (which sucks, bytheway. it shows how much i don't care about it).

I've had a productive week. I'm so glad that I was able to go schedule my reviews, reply to some comments, and drop by some blogs. So basically, I acquainted myself to more books which sucks 'cause I placed myself in a one month ban (which is the good news because I haven't bough a single book since the month began.. well since Dead Wake anyway).
Unplugged (The Wired #1) | Donna Freitas
I LOVE the concept of this book, its world, the conflict of the world, and the twists! Oh gosh, this book and great! Review will be up Monday 8AM EST for a Blog Tour :)

Gifted (the Hayven Series #1) | J.A. George
So far it's an okay read for me. I feel that it's quite slow. Well things started kicking up right from the beginning since that's when Ava got her unusual ability but then, around 15% of the book to actually have things going on - like development of its world (Hayven), a few explanation on Ava's ability.. I hope it gets better :)
Mosquitoland | David Arnold
I don't know. At some point, I think that I'm in some sort of slump. I still read my review copies but my physical books? I haven't really taken anything seriously since... The Manifesto on How to be Interesting... I hope things get better for me. I'm still at page 50 or so here and it's been like that for maybe three days. Haven't opened it again since then.

The Masterpiecers (Masterful #1) | Olivia Wildenstein
I read a review for this one before and it convinced me to request for this. It's intriguing and it sounds like a good thriller. Crossing my fingers it works out well for me! 

I'll just have one book for upnext right now since I'm slacking on my physical books. I can't seem to find the motivation to read them lately but I'll most likely pick up (when I finish Mosquitoland, that is) Night Film which is what I posted last week :)

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How about you friends, what books have you recently finished? What are you reading right now? How is it, are you enjoying it? What do you plan to read next?

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