Hyouka - 04

This episode sure had a lot more dialogue than I was expecting it to be but it did turned out pretty interesting :D

This episode mainly focused on the Classic Literature Club's theories and researches regarding the incident that happened 45 years ago that made Chitanda's uncle some kind of hero and even being considered as a legend. I wouldn't like to go into the details and such since I have to admit that I'm not that good in explaining things. Despite the many explanations given here, I didn't find it boring at all. AND I sure was waiting for Oreki's explanation on things. His conclusion does make sense BUT since Chitanda still questions her actions back then when the story was told to her, Oreki must have missed one huge point of the story.

Oreki's conclusion might have been pretty convincing but it sure was pretty plain. Meaning, there wasn't anything special to it. This is an anime so there should be something big about the event that made it such a big deal in this series. HAHA. Well I'm pretty sure that more things regarding the mystery will be revealed next episode. Also, the first volume of Hyouka is still missing. AND I believe that a bigger mystery will be open soon. According to the plot (yes, I'm looking back to it again), the Classic Literature Club will investigate a mystery that occurred 33yrs ago.

In an overall look, Hyouka hasn't shown its full potential. I believe that it's still building up the story AND knowing that this is a 2-cour anime, there definitely is still a lot of things in store regarding the mystery that they are solving(: Plus, Oreki's sister will probably give them more information regarding their investigation.

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