Weekly Drawing - Character Sketch

I've been meaning to make my own character but I'm still in the process of learning to design my own and stuff. AND I'm still learning how to draw something without any copy. My patience is killing me that's why I've decided to stick to this character I've always been drawing. :3

NO, she doesn't have a name or anything yet so I can't make an introduction or something. BUT I do have to admit that I'm basing my blog character to me :3 Well, not entirely. HAHA. Out of my good mood the other day, I randomly drew the sketch at the left AND from there, I decided to color her.

Some thoughts on her look.
Not that I like short-haired girls but as I have said, I'm basing my character on me, so her hair is short and it's black :3 Her hairline is at her left so I'm changing that 'cause mine is at my right. I was looking at the mirror when I was sketching that. HAHA. Her eyes is green because… I want it green. LOL. Okay I'll explain this quick. The design of her eyes is based on Sanka Rea's which I drew recently. I decided to go with green because I loved the color when I saw the outcome on my Mayushii drawing. It's just that. Really. Now on her uniform. If you recognize, I'll be really happy but if you couldn't, it's the uniform from my favorite anime, Angel Beats!. The sleeves is folded half way because this uniform style is based on Iwasawa's which is one of my favorite characters in AB!. That won't be her character costume but I used it 'cause it's my favorite uniform and I haven't really decided on her look. Though I'm actually thinking of letting her cosplay all the time BUT I still do want her own look. I'll decide on that later(:

Now for my drawing geekiness, read here if you want to know the colors and stuffs I used.
Since I initially decided this as a simple sketch, I used my Fabre Castell 2B. No, nothing special on it, it's just that I usually use my 0.5 lead Fabre Castell Mechanical Pencil whenever I draw. AND funny that I just used a scratch paper today :3 ANYWAY, now for the colors, yeah I'm still using my 36 Fabre Castell Classic Color Pencils (I'll go drop by the bookstore tomorrow to see the 100 colors one :3). For the hair, I used the combination of Cool Silver Grey and Black which is similar to my Sanka Rea drawing last week. For her eyes, I used Emerald Green and Grass Green. For her SSS uniform, I used Prussian Blue and Light Phthalo Blue though right now, I'm actually wishing that I should have used Light Blue instead of the Light Phthalo Blue for the light blue effect of the uniform. For the necktie, I just used Light Geranium Red. AND for some obvious difference, since this is a sketch, I didn't inked my drawing which I actually liked :3 I just darkened the outline using Black colored pencil and that's it. Funny why I'm still writing this part when no actually reads them. HAHA xD

~My drawing of Chitanda Eru will come next week :3
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