Sakamichi no Apollon - 07

This episode was just wonderful. I was really moved, the music was great and Seiji was instantly trashed. LOL. I knew that Sentarou and Kaoru will make up in this episode BUT it sure took quite some time.

First things first, I was grinning the entire time when the girls of Kaoru and Ritsuko's class asked Ritsuko if they are on a relationship :3 I sure can't wait for the time when Ritsuko will finally have mutual feelings for Kaoru. Well… I hope that will come. Anyway, this episode has also shown Jun-nii in that long hair and out of his head look. It wasn't explained what happened to him but hopefully the following episodes will. Also, Yurika and Sentarou almost… kissed? O.O Well, I doubt it'll happen this early but I was just surprised with Sentarou's sudden bold move.

Anyway, this episode mainly focus on the relationship between Kaoru and Sentarou. I was seriously moved to tears with how they made up. When Sentarou signed up Seiji's band in the School Festival, I knew Kaoru couldn't talked to him BUT I actually thought that Sentarou will talk to Kaoru BUT the actual school festival was an even better even for them to make up. BUT then what really happened in the Olympus's performance was just weird. I first thought that it was a prank set by someone BUT people kept on searching ways to fix the amps but it was never fixed. Anyway, when Kaoru heard Sentarou's words when he was talking to Maruo about this whole band thing being a one-time deal and he knows that his partner is waiting for him, Kaoru decided for himself that he'll keep the people's attention and make sure that they won't leave. They played a medley of My Favorite Things, Someday My Prince will Come and Moanin'. I've listened to it a number of times in the soundtrack and watching it felt a lot better. I was moved in their performance. I was happy for them. By the end of their performance, Seiji was amazed. AND I was surprised when Sentarou pulled Kaoru and ran out of the school.

Overall, this was a really great episode. As usual, the music makes me smile and I always love hearing Sentarou's drum. I like the part when he was lonely drumming while Seiji and the rest go eat some roll cake. Their impromptu performance in the School Festival was amazing. The drama part of this episode is very effective. Finally, I'd like to see the story behind Jun-nii's sudden disappearance and what the heck is up with his out-of-his-head look.

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