Continuing to where last episode left off, ALPHAS is fighting the hell out of the offsprings of the shrimp Player Jin was previouslyfighting while ZET fights the Player that's harassing Konoha in his full ZET form.

With an improved pacing as I have mentioned last post, this episode concluded ZET and ALPHAS battle with the Shrimp Player brothers. I actually liked the action here and I was glad to see the two of them working together. Looks like Kouga has some pretty high technology there. I wowed when I saw his gun also became a sword. Actually, Kouga's ALPHAS cosplay seems so interesting it makes him act as a real hero. The idea that the power lessens when his confidence goes down and fear rises as he takes damage and stuff seems like an interesting idea. When Kouga's whole team gave him motivation to fight, the power instantly rises as Kouga (cosplayed as ALPHAS) rise.

As for ZET, I'm really wondering why did the ring of exposure in his chest broke O.O Did the ring of exposure Haitani placed in him wasn't able to contain ZET's full potential? He did reached around 202% and it's weird that even though the ring of exposure broke and he went back to his white form, the percentage didn't went down. Better yet, the percentage didn't even drop even when he turned back to his human form O.O

So until now I'm still very curious of Haitani's motives on Jin's power. He did admit that he wanted to see Jin's full power as ZET in his red form. AND he did admit that he told the Players to kill Jin. Now I'm really curious of Haitani's plan. Also, just how strong is the high level EVOLs like Haitani that he doesn't even get affected by the ring of exposure?

Well this episode, sure was interesting. I just got curious on a lot of things and Hanako O.O I think I have a clear idea of what happened to her BUT I just really don't want to talk about it. I pity her. Also, I'm wondering what's up with the totally covered EVOL that's always with Jirou.

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Episode 8 Preview

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