Hyouka - First Impression

Hyou-ka is one of the anime I'm looking forward to this season and I sure am glad that I wasn't disappointed in any way.

The first two episodes did made a good impression for a mystery anime. AND for some reasons, the mysteries reminds me of PCP from Bakuman. The first episode did a great job in introducing the three main characters: Chitanda Eru (Satou Satomi), Oreki Houtarou (Nakamura Yuuichi) and Fukube Satoshi (Sakaguchi Daisuke). It also made me really curious of what really is up with all those flowers and Chitanda's suddenly growing hair when she says that she's curious. I re-read the plot in MAL and it says there: she turns into an embodiment of curiosity once she says, "I'm interested in it (Watashi, Kininarimasu)". I really wonder what that means. Probably some kind of ability Chitanda has to persuade people or just some amazing imagination of Oreki? I'm pretty sure it'll be explain soon. I hope.

Story-wise, Hyou-ka has promised us a mystery that occurred 33yrs ago and the Classic Literature Club will investigate it. The clues on this mystery can be found on the Classic Literature Club's anthology (which was introduced in episode2). With how episode 2 ended, looks like the mystery will be opened up soon enough and we'll have some seemingly deeper mysteries. I hope. HAHA. With two episodes aired, Hyou-ka has definitely shown a lot of potential and I'm really looking forward to further development in the story.

The characters that Hyou-ka have are definitely not something new but typical characters are always fun to watch. My favorite as of now has got to be Oreki. It may seem that he's boring and all but I like how he's actually able to solve those simple mysteries, how his character gets so bored easily and always wanting to get out of the crowd. I'm looking forward to further development in his character. As for the others, there's Chitanda who for some reasons has the ability to persuade Oreki with just that one look on her reallybeautiful eyes. AND for some reasons Chitanda's character design reminds me of Akiyama Mio from K-ON!. LOL. Next up, there's Satoshi who calls himself a human database with useless knowledge. AND there's Ibara Mayaka (Kayano Ai) who was introduced in episode 2. She likes Satoshi and dislikes Oreki :3 Her first appearance had been pretty good and I like how she challenges Oreki and doesn't believe in his abilities.

What really stood out from Hyou-ka other than the school-style mystery and comedy is the really outstanding art. I love the character designs and the animation is really great. One very notable thing about the art is Chitanda's eyes. I really can't get over how beautiful her eyes are.

For an overall first impression of Hyou-ka, I can really see the potential in this series and I'm really looking forward to knowing what Chitanda was about to tell Oreki :3 I could probably say that Hyou-ka is a recommended anime for this season most especially if you're up for some mystery though small mysteries are presented as of episode 2 but a bigger one will surely be opened ones we reach half of the series(:

~AND yeah, I'm going to blog Hyou-ka(:

For more screenshots go here: episode 1 | episode 2
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