Kimi to Boku. 2 - 07

I love Valentines Episodes :3 AND this episode has got to be one of the best episodes of Kimi to Boku this season. The long wait for the next episode of Chizuru x Masaki sure wasn't for nothing :3

I was actually expecting this episode to be a entire episode devoted to showing Chizuru and Maasaki BUT it did more than that and I sure am glad. First off, Chizuru's dream was really funny. HAHA. Anyway, since this is a Valentine's episode, let me go to my thoughts as how this went. The first part of the episode is about the actual Valentine's Day. I guess it was very expected for Kaname's mom to forcefully make him eat a chocolate (cake) made by her :3 Kaname's only chocolate received for the day. As for Yuta, I was really happy to see Takahashi again but why so fast x_x oh well, I'll wait for an episode devoted to both Yuta and Takahashi. Hopefully there'll be one x3 For Yuki, I wasn't really surprised to see him get chocolates. AND finally for Shun, I was really surprised to see a girl fromanother school give Shun-chan a chocolate tart. Masaki, who's about to call Shun to give her homemade chocolates, run and decided to not give them. It wasn't surprising to see Chizuru run after her and yeah, the best part of this first half is when Chizuru suddenly hugged Masaki x3

The second half came in a lot better though a little bit less funny. I was glad to see Yuki actually able to get some Yuta-senses (LOL) and see through Chizuru's obvious love problems. Of course, he couldn't see the actual problem but for Yuki, seeing through someone's  a good thing. HAHA. Anyway, the real highlight of the second half was when Chizuru and Masaki saw Shun-chan reject the girl who gave him the chocolate tart. He was cute when he was so surprised and flattered when he received that and he also looks sad yet still typical Shun-chan when he rejected her. Masaki's motivation in confessing to Shun just went off after realizing that Shun-chan can actually reject her despite his really nice and approachable attitude. BUT I have to say that the best part of this episode was when Chizuru suddenly told Masaki that he likes her x3 I freaked out when he suddenly said it and Masaki didn't gave him any answer but she sure was blushing. I would definitely like to see another Chizuru x Masaki episode .

In an overall look on this episode, I really liked it and that one week wait for this Chizuru x Masaki episode is totally worth it. I would like to see another episode about them. On another story, I'd like to see another Yuta x Takahashi episode. I really need that!! xD Anyway, I personally think that this second season had some better romance episodes (but maybe I should wait for Yuta's and Kaname's episodes to say that?) :3

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Episode 8 Preview
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