Hyouka - 05

The conclusion for Sekitani Jun's story is… moving. Now that I know the real story, Oreki's theory did had something wrong with it, the part where Sekitani-san volunteered (or something like it) to lead the protest despite knowing the big consequence for it.

The truth behind Sekitani Jun's story? Like I said, it turned out a lot more realistic than what Oreki said. Maybe we can say that he was able to get around 80% of it correct. Oreki sure is a mysterious guy. HAHA. BUT I guess that's one more reason why I like his character. Also, I was really surprised to see Oreki being the one who started this investigation about the truth regarding Sekitani Jun's story. When his sister called and he knew that there was something missing from his theory, he immediately decided to know the real story. That part of Oreki is definitely new. It just makes me think that this time, in this Sekitani Jun arc, Oreki's already willingly helping out Chitanda which is quite off of his character.(:

Anyway, regarding Sekitani Jun's story, I wasn't surprised about the truth. I guess it actually made more sense and it's pretty understandable that Sekitani Jun wasn't really into volunteering to be a hero. He wasn't even expecting it. He ended up being a sacrifice for the sake of the entire student body. I really pity him for that event. The students just went too far that's why he was expelled as said by the librarian. AND those people who made Sekitani Jun the representative of the student body were really unforgiveable. BUT that didn't really matter in this story. The real point of knowing this reality was that Chitanda finally found out why she cried when her uncle told her that story…

Now for the anthologies, Hyouka, I knew that it wasn't really some random title. When Oreki said that the title is a bad pun of ice cream, I felt really stupid for not knowing immediately. AND when he finally wrote it and showed it to Chitanda, "I scream". It does make sense. No wonder he pushed through using that title. The title also made it clear what Sekitani Jun felt about his expulsion. That part just moved me.

Overall, this episode turned out pretty good. Sekitani Jun's arc has finally come to a close and it ended really well. Explanations made a good enough to be understood easily. Now, I believe that the Classic Literature Club will now be working on the anthologies. Also, I think that Oreki's sister will still have more roles in this series. I'd like to see her with them one of these days. Finally, there is still the first volume of the anthologies for them to look for. I wonder when will the real mystery be opened.

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