Sankarea - 06

I didn't find this episode as interesting or exciting as the previews ones. Though Sankarea sure is still keeping up with the whole one new thing per episode, this trend just gets a little boring since all the (probably) interesting things have already been shown.

As shown in the preview last episode, what Rea needs is Hydrangea leaves to bring her consciousness back. I actually thought that Furuya will find that out for himself and bring bath toweled Rea there but it looks like Rea has Baabu on her side and he lead her to a place full of Hydrangea. Moreover, looks like she can't remember things that happen during the time she's unconscious because of her hunger :3

Also, I was surprised that Furuya's father instantly accepted Rea to stay in their house. He didn't even asked the reason why. I wonder if he's thinking that something happened between the two of them. Wanko seems to be thinking about it.

So what is this episode all about? I believe that it's about the three things that Furuya's grandfather said. That weird perverted old man. LOL. I won't go into the details (assuming that you're reading this since you've watched the episode OR you haven't and I won't go and spoil you here. HAHA) but what really got me was the requirement that Furuya needs to keep Rea's body cool. Is he going to turn on his AC again in 20deg and leave it like that forever or is he going to find some other way? x_x Either way, it's not my problem and I don't think it's such a big deal. HAHA. What's really cute about this episode is the idea that Furuya records everything that Rea does. It's his grandfather's advice. AND what is he doing with that video cam? Taking videos of each part of Rea. HAHA. He's starting to become a pervert like his grandfather :3 Rea, on the other hand, looks really cute as Furuya takes her video.

At the last part of this episode, when Rea and Furuya were out and Furuya was caught in accident and got wounded, I sort of freaked out when Rea suddenly licked Furuya's wound O.O She really is a zombie, huh? I was actually waiting for her to bite the hell out of Furuya's arm but yeah, I doubt that'll happen. Rea's the weird herbivore zombie, you know. HAHA.

I don't really want to get tired of this anime that's why I'm still hoping that somehow, more interesting things will come. I'm definitely looking forward to the reappearance of Rea's father soon since the butler guy just saw Rea with Furuya. 

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Episode 7 Preview

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