Nisekoi - Chapter 26: Love

Like I always said, innocent love is the most enjoyable to watch. The best examples I can possibly give is Sawako and Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke xD Anyway, with Seishiro Tsugumi's 100% innocence in the topic of love and the things behind it, this chapter turned out more interesting than I thought.

Tsugumi's innocence over a love letter was so cute! AND her conversation with Raku about that love letter was just really cute and funny. When she asked Raku's type of girl and Raku suddenly thought about Onodera and said short black hair BUT suddenly remembered that he has to strengthen her impression on his fake relationship with Chitoge that he followed his type of girl description with Chitoge descriptions AND Tsugumi's reaction was EPIC! LOL. She was freaking out! xD

ANYWAY, I was quite disappointed that she turned Tooru Suzuki. I was actually hoping for more exciting things to come x.x Oh well… With her feelings for Raku that she still couldn't take, she should have talked over with Tooru about their feature relationship BUT I guess she doesn't really know anything anyway. AND another funny thing about this chapter is what Shuu said. LOL. Since he actually noticed that Raku likes Onodera and he practically noticed that Onodera likes Raku back, I guess it's not impossible for him not to know Tsugumi's feelings for Raku :3 
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