Sakamichi no Apollon - 04

Sakamichi no Apollon never fails to surprise me with so much unexpected development in the story and in the characters themselves.

After watching this episode, I'm really getting the feeling that this will be a romance anime. Notice how complex the romance had been with just two episodes. Anyway, I'm really glad that Kaoru and Sentarou are pretty much on good terms already and from what Sentarou said that he's modeling for Yurika's painting, I already knew that she's not into him. Wait. I've already known that from last episode BUT this episode just clearly showed that she's more into older guys. Someone like… Jun-nii. Yeah, so now I see his role in the story.

AND just when Kaoruwas getting so jealous of Sentarou's life despite Sentarou being poor, he seems to have a really great and happy family with him BUT what Kaoru doesn't really know is how Sentarou's life really is. Now I see the whole point of the rosary that was mentioned in episode 2. So that rosary is actually a memento of Sentarou's mother who left him. His father on the other hand has left him for work and has come to dislike him when his father saw his dead grandmother right in front of him. I was really moved in Sentarou's story that I actually tear up.

As for the relationship going on between Kaoru and Ritsuko, I'm really getting confused at the two of them. Rather I'm getting confused at Ritsuko. Last episode, I really thought that she likes Kaoru but after what happened here, in the snow, I don't know. I don't understand her. I mean, if she likes Kaoru, why can't she just say? I don't really see her liking Sentarou in any way. She probably sees him as a childhood friend. Nothing more. AND I see that Senatrou feels the same way.

Romance aside, I really love the music here. The one that they played in their first official performance as a quartet. Well, even though they didn't get to finish it, I have to say that I really liked listening to it. AND when Jun-nii sang together with Kaoru's piano, that was just great. I liked Jun-nii's voice and his english was good for a Japanese. Great job for Suwabe Junichi there though I feel that the voice changes when he's speaking in english :))

This episode had been a sad one and a lot of things sure have happened. I can't wait for the next episode to see how Sentarou will react to the immediate development between Jun-nii and Yurika. AND Ritsuko sure is a weird one. She didn't felt awkward around Ritusko when he just confessed to her and she just tear up when Kaoru suddenly kissed her. AND she acted perfectly normal in the day of Kaoru's session as a quartet.

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