This episode came in pretty expected although I still enjoyed it. With how much I liked last week's episode, this one came in pretty in par with that. The action was pretty great most especially now that Haitani's true form has been shown.

With only one episode to go, I'm pretty glad to see things heading the way I expected them to. I've been thinking a lot of how to start with this post or how to give my impression of this episode. Similar to last episode, this one goes on with ZETMAN's typical fast pacing. I don't really mind the quick battles and talks about what's going on with ZET and the battle between good and evil. When Haitani just gave Jin the chance to reach his full potential as ZET, Haitani made Jin decided to transform or not. It's a quick decision of getting the power for a chance to save or not getting the power and not power up the Players but not entirely save everyone. Does that count as a true hero's choice? Jin's decision isn't anything surprising most especially when Haitani showed Jin the captured Hanako. For crying out loud, I've seen this coming and it's definitely the only thing I hated about this episode.

As I have mentioned last post, the time will come that Haitani will use Hanako against Jin and that time came right at a very great timing for Haitani. Of course, we all see that coming as well as Hanako's transformation. I mean who wouldn't expect that? Not going through the details, I just have to admit that I'm not really interested in Jin's struggle as to fight Hanako or not. The romance part of this series definitely doesn't please me and I definitely don't want to see some Jin x Hanako drama when ZET is suppose to fight Haitani in his really amazing angel-like form as a Player.

Looking at how ZETMAN had been as of now, it definitely had experienced a lot of highs and lows. The pacing isn't the best but the cliffhangers are pretty good. The action being one of its assets definitely gets me a lot and it looks like it's going to be an all out fight on its final episode. Character development is gradual that until these last couple of episodes, we see more developments on Jin and Kouga. The main females were pretty underdeveloped that I didn't even care about them. There's no time for that now, I guess. Hopefully the conclusion will be pretty satisfying.

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