May Anime: Spring Season Climax

Now that most anime have reached its second half, the flow of the story has gotten a lot better and the climax just came in :D This season really is just getting better and better. Definitely no doubt that Spring anime is my favorite anime season.

So what anime has been getting to me this time around? I know that last month, I said that I have Kuroko no Basuke and Uchuu Kyoudai as my top bet BUT now some things has definitely changed. Of course Kuroko no Basukeis still getting a good place on my top anime this season. The intensity of the matches and the comedy just rose up this past month. As for Uchuu Kyoudai, my excitement on watching this anime is just starting to go down. Finally, Sakamichi no Apollon is starting to get a little more exciting. This past month Sakamichi no Apollon has probably reached my top anime for this season because of the romance that's getting even better each episode and the music that are played most especially the medley on episode 7.

Other than these anime topping my list this season, I've also started placing a couple of anime on -hold. I'll probably watch it when I have more time or when I just feel like it. As I have mentioned last month, I might place Medaka Box on-hold AND so, I already just did. I don't really feel like watching it now. Maybe some time later. On the similar boat, I have decided to place Hiiro no Kakera on-hold. The last episode I watched was episode 5 and it bored the hell out of me. I don't know when I'll get back to it. Finally, I didn't watched a single Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD this past month but I'll definitely finish it on time. AND for some reasons, I also didn't watched Tasogare Otome x Amnesia last month. Guess I should catch up to that. So I guess I can practically say that this month just clearly determined which shows I want to stick to and which shows I don't really care much about.

On another news, since things have gotten a little tough on me ever since school started, I have decided on some things. Yeah Summer Anime season is just around the corner and I have seen a pretty good preview of the series by azeriraz over at Anime Aura BUT since summer season is my busiest season, I'll be lessening by covered anime. I haven't decided which ones I'll blog BUT I have decided on an initial anime list to watch. As expected, it'll be lesser this time around. As for this season's coverage, as noticed on last week's posts, everything will be posted later than usual. Kimi to Boku. 2 and ZETMAN which airs on Mondays will be posted on the weekends while Sakamichi no Apollon and Sankarea will be posted on Friday night GMT+8. As for Hyouka, I'll be dropping its weekly coverage due to lack of time. Hyouka's schedule is Sunday; 24:00 (GMT+9). I can't download, watch and write an episode thoughts on time and with 4 anime coverage, I guess I have to admit that it's pretty difficult to handle.

Now for my monthly overview :D

Uchuu Kyoudai (9 of ???)
Despite how much I love inspirational series, Uchuu Kyoudai is starting to get boring lately. I wanted to forget that idea and still continue watching this series and I sure do wish that this series will just grow in me. Anyway, I'm really happy for Mutta when he pass the 2nd exam. It was a funny ride and an intense wait. His chances were pretty slim but who knew that it was Apo who'd make him pass the exam? LOL. The last episode had been a pretty inspiring one. The rest of the applicants that pass are going to the 3rd test. Now, it'll be another pressure moment for Mutta but I sure do hope that he can do it. As an inspirational anime, I'm still looking up to this series. As for its comedy part, for some reasons it's just getting too old for me BUT that last episode probably just boost everything up again. SO I'm definitely pushing through in continuing this series.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 (34 of ???)
HxH is starting to get series but that's probably the reason why I'm eagerly sticking to this show. The comedies were good but I'm watching this for the action and the battle. Nen sure looks like an interesting ability and as demonstrated by Hisoka on his match with Kastro, Nen could just do more than I thought it could. BTW, their match was just amazing. It was intense and I really like it. BUT then, where episode 30 left off, I thought that Kurapika will finally be shown but I guess not. But I'm not really complaining in seeing Killua and Gon :D Their matches at episode 34 was really great and Gon's match with Hisoka is just around the corner :3

AKB0048 (3 of 13)
I initially didn't plan on watching this series but after seeing an interesting review over at another blog, I thought, why not try. Knowing that this series will be another promotion to the very popular jpop group AKB48, I decided not to watch it BUT after seeing the first episode, I decided to add this to my list. The story isn't really the most interesting but it actually caught me. Add to that the really beautiful art and flawless animation. I guess it's to be expected since the production company is similar to that famous mecha anime Macross Frontier (which I haven't watched until now) - Satelight. Also, the music is already growing in me. I might even end up downloading some of their songs. Particularly the songs that are in this series. When that happens, the anime has practically done a good job in marketing AKB48 to me. LOL. In an overall first impression on this series, I'm really liking almost everything about this series. Almost? HAHA. Yeah, the character designs are my worst enemy here. They make me feel like Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica characters started singing and grew hearts on their eyes and hair. It's a little bit annoying. HAHA.

Hyouka (5 of 21)
This past month, Hyouka focused on the Sekitani Jun incident. The small-school style mysteries were turned into something seemingly big. Well I guess it was something pretty big. The way the Sekitani Jun arc was presented was really good. I like how it first made its impact as a mystery that will play a huge part of the series, how the conclusion of this arc turned out pretty well, how everything was well explained and how much the characters (particularly Oreki) developed since then. Sekitani Jun's story was pretty moving, of course it wasn’t enough to bring tears crawling down my face but it sure made a pretty good impact to me. The reason behind the title Hyouka of the Classic Literature Club anthology left a really moving memory in me.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (44 of ???)
I haven't fully catch up in the series BUT I have to admit that ever since IV (Hosoya Yoshimasa) and III (Ikeda Kyousuke) were introduced, this series just started getting interesting. Of course, the idea that this series is a quick copy of the original one is still a huge bother for me but I guess this series still have some hope. Forgetting how bad the previews duels had been, the tag duel between Tsukumo Yuma (Hatanaka Tasuke) and Tenjo Kaito (Uchiyama Kouki) against IV and III was really great. It reminded me of the duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. Now I really can't wait to catch up :3 Oh and did I mentioned that IV looks like an evil Ginga Bishounen from Star Driver? HAHA. I wonder just how copy cat this series can be. LOL.


Kimi to Boku. 2 (9 of 13)
This month Kimi to Boku. 2 became a half romance half comedy series. Episode 6 and episode 7 were really great romance episodes, as for my personal opinion. I really have to admit that Kimi to Boku. is a pretty good romance anime. Seeing a more serious Yuki at episode 6 was really great and seeing that Valentine's episode for episode 7 was great. Wait. No. Chizuru was amazing during that Valentine's episode. I mean that sudden confession was something that I've always been waiting for!! Masaki should really just return the feelings already! o(>A<)o

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (6 of 12)
I also just started watching Haiyore! Nyaruko-san this past month as recommended by EcchiCatgirl from Seasonal Anime Reviews. As a comedy anime, I guess I could say that Nyaruko-san turned out pretty good. It had those typical things such as the one-sided crush, the yuri relationship and a yaoi character. AND this series had a pretty good start. The parodies definitely caught me but as episodes go by, I get so used to them that repeating jokes doesn't really make me laugh anymore. Oh well. Despite that, I'm still keeping up with the series and hopefully somewhere before this ends, I won't entirely be disappointed that I decided to watch this(:

ZETMAN (9 of 13)
ZETMAN is probably one of the series in this season that doesn't really standout much and wasn't able to catch the attention of most people because of its genre and pacing that TMS Entertainment has done. People could bash this series all they long and manga fans could just complain as much as they want, I'm certainly sticking to this series despite how much I'm getting pissed of with Hanako. LOL. Anyway, ZETMAN is definitely getting to its climax with the EVOL master telling Jin what I expect him to say. AND did I mentioned I'm getting pissed off with Hanako?

Jormungand (6 of 12)
I haven't watched the last couple of episodes but I do have to admit that Jormunand has definitely caught my attention. In may not have impressed me the first time around since it was greatly compared to Black Lagoon but setting comparisons aside, Jormungand is really great in its own way. I really like the orchestra assassin arc and the appearance of the CIA guy :D The action definitely nothing compared to a Revy x Roberta match but in general, their gunfights are good.

SKET Dance (60 of ???)
With how almost every anime I'm watching right now has gotten to its most interesting parts, SKET Dance started getting a little less funny. The last three episodes did had those stupid laughable moments but at most, it was pretty boring. My favorite episode for SKET Dance this month has got to be episode 56, the Switch x Momoka episode. Switch did had lesser talking time but this episode was quite moving and I like how Momoka started liking Switch. Other than comedy, I guess SKET Dance can also do a pretty decent romance. ANYWAY, despite the pretty disappointing episodes, I still know that there will be more make up episodes for them.

Sakamichi no Apollon (8 of ???)
As I have mentioned earlier, Sakamichi no Apollon has currently taken the top spot of my fave anime this season. With how the last episodes turned out, this anime just keeps getting better each episode. It gives a very old school atmosphere which depicts the setting very well, the music is just great and I know that there will be more to it, the romance is just getting even more deeper and interesting and the drama is just very moving as usual. The characters are being developed very well. I guess now I can really say that this anime was able to meet the expectations everyone is giving it. With how things are going right now, I'm just hoping that this series will be wrap up nicely and not make a huge disappointment.

Tsuritama (8 of ???)
As expected, Tsuritama has already shown its direction and the story has somehow gotten a little bit more serious. Despite the serious tone that Tsuritama is starting to show, it still gives off that interesting vibes that makes me want to watch it. I always like to see the development in the relationship of the four main characters. I was really glad that Yamada Akira (Sugita Tomokazu) has finally joined Haru (Irino Miyu) and the rest and his associations with the Alien Investigation team, Duck, has finally been cut off because of friendship perhaps? Now that Akira knows what Haru and his sister is trying to accomplish, he'll definitely help them through and if fishing is the only way to do it, I guess we'll see more of that. More importantly… WHY THE HELL DID THEY CUT NATSUKI'S HAIR!?!? o(>A<)o

Kuroko no Basuke (9 of 25)
As I have posted over a couple of weeks ago, I decided to read the manga. As of now even with the advance knowledge of what's going to happen this past couple of episodes, I have to admit that Kuroko no Basuke is still good as it is. After their match with Kaijou last month, this time around Midorima Shintaro of the Generation of Miracles is being introduced. Anyway, this past month practically focused on the interhigh preliminaries. AND I actually expected so much on their first match but it turned out pretty easy on them. The rest of the matches were shown on a whim AND by the end of the month, Seirin's already against Seiho High - one of the teams always make the top 3 in the interhigh (or something like that). Episode 8, the first episode of Seirin vs Seiho, was a pretty boring but I guess it did a pretty good job in introducing Seiho as well as how much the seniors of Seirin wanted to beat this team.

Predictions and Expectations.
Anyway, next month most series will probably end. Predictions on the conclusions? Ideas on the 2nd half of the 2-cours? Which are 2-cours anyway? I don't know if Uchuu Kyoudai will be 1-cour or 2-cour but I think that it'll do better as a 2-cour with the 2nd half being about Mutta's preparation of going to Mars. HAHA. I hope that will happen. As for Kimi to Boku. 2, with 3 episodes to go, I don't think it'll have some big-shot conclusion and will probably end the same way the 1st season did. AND I'll definitely be disappointed if they don't show a Takahashi x Yuta episode o(>A<)o Now for Hyouka, I hope that we'll see something good when it reaches its second half. I have a good feeling that a little about the main mystery will be shown soon enough(: AND for Kuroko no Basuke which is another series I'm pretty sure will be 2-cour, I'm betting that before the 2nd half starts, Aomine Daiki will be introduced and I'm definitely looking forward to that.

I have 15 on going series I'm trying to keep up and with a lot of things getting to me right now that hinders my watching time and anime download, I guess the lesser anime this month is pretty understandable. Like I have mentioned earlier, Sakamichi no Apollon is getting the most excitement this month and I'm betting that it'll be my top anime for this season. I've already placed 4 anime on-hold but I'm definitely getting back to 2 of them: KoreZom and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia before the season ends. As for the 5 series I haven't watched, any encouraging words for me to start watching them? I actually plan to watch Natsuiro Kiseki within this week if I'll have the time :D

On-Hold: Hiiro no Kakera, Medaka Box, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Haven't touched: Saki Achiga-hen, Natsuiro Kiseki, Accel World, Upotte!! and Nazo no Kanojo X
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