Kimi to Boku. 2 - 12

Right at the last minute, I'm really glad to finally see a Kaname episode. This episode has practically given more developments on Kaname's character that I'm pretty sure  Kaname fans are more than excited to see.

This episode turned out to as I was expecting it to be although one last thing was actually left. Anyway, in my personal opinion of this series, Kaname had been a pretty underappreciated main character. He goes around always complaining about how annoying Chizuru and Yuki are. AND for some reasons, those two (particularly Chizuru), has gotten more episodes this season than I was expecting him to get. Not that I didn't like his episodes, they were definitely fun and pretty romance-oriented BUT I've been waiting for this episode ever since the 2nd half. HAHA.

Going to the highlights of this episode, the biggest thing that happened in this episode was Aida Shizuna's (Noto Mamiko) announcement of her marriage. As we all know from S1's episode4, Kaname likes Shizuna - there goes Kaname's fetish for older women. LOL. This episode turned out more amusing than I was expecting it to be. Of course, Kaname has suddenly fallen into some childish depression because Shizuna's getting married but at the same time his feelings isn't definitely something that makes him wish to confess or date her. He said that it's more of an admiration but at the same time it's pretty obvious that he really likes her but age difference just makes him unable to confess (or is it the relation?). Either way, I don't see Kaname confessing to Hisako's sister anyway :P

As for Hisako, I was pretty surprised when she suddenly told Kaname that she knows all along that he likes her. It was pretty obvious anyway. BUT after she said that, I was waiting for her to say that she actually likes him. That tsundere childhood friend character never goes away from any series. HAHA. Oh well, I sure do hope that Kimi to Boku will have a season 3. LOL.

In an overall impression, I was pretty moved by the end of this episode - when Kaname finally talked to Shizuna about the wedding and Shizuna telling Kaname being clumsy. When Shizuna suddenly talked about Kaname, that's the time when I fully understand Kaname. Now I can go back to episode1 of S1 and tell Shun about what's really good about Kaname(:

~Now let's see that final episode! That preview  has so much cats! I'm betting it's not going to be about Yuta x_x Now I'm really disappointed.

For more screenshots, click here.
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