Kimi to Boku. 2 - 10

Okay. This episode just blew me away. I'll quit complaining for awhile and say that I really love this episode. I really never get tired of the Chizuru x Masaki pairing. If I was Masaki, I'll definitely be annoyed with Chizuru's approaches BUT I'm not her so I'm just here enjoying their pairing :D

~ah… So that's what they do in Japan. They're compulsory to attend their senpai's graduation, give them congratulation gifts and such. Must be a real pain.

ANYWAY, Masaki was really cute when she was trying to avoid Chizuru and their group since I'm pretty sure that she still feels awkward being around Chizuru after his sudden confession on Valentine's Day. I guess I couldn't blame her at that time. Also, funny how Yuki is being so supportive to Chizuru in his one-sided crush on Masaki. He even volunteered to take their picture together and sooooo… Masaki was so embarrass of her eyes closing right at the flash of the camera. BUT what really ticked Chizuru was Masaki saying that she doesn't want Shun to see that picture. AND I actually thought that she was already falling for Chizuru when she said to herself that she has finally talked to him normally. o(>A<)o

Speaking of camera and pictures. Their pictorial was pretty awesome! HAHA. That messy Yuta was really looking good… but that hair… doesn't entirely suit him. What I really like was Kaname in Yuki's sweatshirt :3 I barely noticed him. AND as usual Yuki looks really good in those Kaname glasses. XD

ANYWAY, back to what I should be talking about. By the end of the day, it looks like Chizuru fully understand that Masaki only likes Shun and I think that it might stay that way. I feel pretty disappointed for Chizuru since his feelings for Masaki wasn't returned but I guess he was still happy that somehow, Masaki's mind was preoccupied thinking of him even for awhile. She said that she was always thinking of how she should act around him all those times since his confession. Pretty sad but I guess Chizuru himself was happy with the idea.

In an overall look on this episode, I really like how their pairing ended up (although I'm still hoping that Masaki would return Chizuru's feelings). Now… I'd like to see that Yuta x Takahashi episode! The preview suggests that we'll see Takahashi but I doubt that it'll mainly be about them :|

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Episode 11 Preview

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