Sakamichi no Apollon - 09

This episode just made the situation a lot better. Now I can somehow see the ending of this series. Hopefully it will be presented very well(:

Now I'd like to start with the lesser interesting stuff. Jun-nii is finally going back to Tokyo for good. Forgetting about the details, I wasn't surprised to see Yurika waiting for him at the station. What actually surprised me is Jun-nii's sudden decision to take Yurika with him. I know he probably felt sorry for her when he found out that she's being met with another guy for an arranged marriage but taking her with him is just… going too far. ANYWAY, before Jun-nii left, I was surprised that Sentarou doesn't entirely feel mad at him. Instead of ignoring his sudden decision to move back to Tokyo or lecturing him of his decision, Sentarou invited or challenged Jun-nii for a session(: Guess you'll never really get mad at your brother for so long, right?

For the other issue on this episode, I really like the development in the relationship between Kaoru and Ritsuko. I was really happy to know that Sentarou won't be interfering in their relationship BUT Ritsuko did admit that she liked Sentarou. I'm glad that things have finally fallen into the right place. I initially thought that Ritsuko will just give up on her gift to Kaoru and further development will be done on the next episode but because of that cliffhanger, I really can't wait for the next episode. How will Kaoru react to the gift Ritsuko left at the piano? :3 Will he still push it away or admit that Ritsuko has finally fallen for him? XD I need episode10 now!!!

In an overall look on this episode, it wasn't as great as the previous ones but it did a really, really great job in making me look forward for the next episode. With how things are going here, Sakamichi no Apollon just might end up being my favorite romance anime :3 I really love everything about this series.

For more screenshots, click here.
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