Kimi to Boku. 2 - 11

This was a rather boring episode. Although I really like the pairing Chizuru x Masaki, I'm definitely not up for an episode focusing on Masaki becoming friends with Yuki's junior in his manga club. Despite this uninteresting episode, I'm glad that Kimi to Boku's typical comedy wasn't taken away.

The opening scene of this episode partially reminded me of the opening scene of the first season. It's spring season and Shun-chan and the rest are finally 3rd years! Their new classes weren't so new since Kaname and Shun-chan just exchanged places but I guess that doesn't entirely mean that nothing change because the 3 funniest people are together in one class: Yuki, Chizuru and Shun! :3

This episode particularly highlights the school's sports festival with Masaki and Matsushita Ryunosuke (Aoi Shouta) as the committee officers. The best thing about the event was the volleyball match of class 3-4 and 3-3. In other words, it's a volleyball match between Kaname and Yuta against Yuki, Chizuru and Shun. It's funny that Masaki even placed flowers in class 3-3's name in the volleyball match because of Shun and even wishing for their class to win while writing it. HAHA. Now going to the actual volleyball match, I was honestly not surprised that Kaname also had those volleyball skills. AND for some reasons, Chizuru never even had the chance to go show some skills. Oh well. What's really cute about their match was Yuki and Yuta :3 When Yuki was all bored and stuff, Yuta suddenly attacked with a pretty strong spike. As for Yuki who was awakened by the sudden attack of his brother, he fight back as expected of Yuki. He always just need some push. BUT this episode could have been better if they just played basketball instead of volleyball. That way, Yuki will look a lot cooler. XD

In an overall look on this episode. In does resemble the typical Kimi to Boku. with minimal romance and some snapshots of pretty unrelated stuffs (Takahashi scenes). The supposedly moving part of the story was pretty unnoticeable although I was pretty glad to see Yuta being the one to see Masaki becoming friends with Matsushita. Anyway, with 2 more episodes to go before the series ends, I guess I'm already feeling a pang of disappointment. The preview suggests we'll see more of Okamoto Akihiro (Sugiyama Noriaki) and his girlfriend. He'll be college that's for sure but I don't really care about him. OR is it going to be a Kaname episode? Now I just have that pretty bad feeling of not seeing a Yuta x Takahashi episode. x_x

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Episode 11 Preview

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