I can't believe that I didn't watched this earlier. I guess my complains from last episode was only for that episode because this one has definitely brought out ZETMAN's strength, that endless action and that Kouga mind rape. LOL.

With 2 more episodes to go, I can pretty much see how ZETMAN will end and I'm pretty sure that it won't be something that will leave a positive mark on me but still, I'd like to see for myself. As of now, I was really glad to see how episode11 came in a lot better from episode 10 since this one's is more action pack and with that fast pacing coming back to life, I have no intentions on looking at the manga and other people's complains. ZETMAN's definitely an anime that goes up and down for me this season and there's no way I'll be placing this series on-hold.

With a lot of mind breaking events that happened in this episode, seeing Haitani spit out Amagi Seizou's, Kouga's father, corporation secrets and make people pissed the hell out of him was pretty interesting. I guess I'm just that sadist loving person and was really happy to see Kouga's father also get surprised with how his right hand, Kabe, kill himself right beside him as he gave up his life to make people believe that Amagi corporation really created those Players for the sake of profit. Of course, I'm not denying Amagi Corporation's involvement in the creation of Players and Seizou's wish for more profit and I was even surprised that he showed his true colors once Haitani Seiji (Yusa Kouji) has entered the building.

Now for Jin's situation in this mess, I don't really see ZET's involvement in Haitani's plans as of now although he does look pretty excited to see ZET in his red form. I'm pretty sure that ZET's red form will be Haitani's real opponent in their final battle soon (in the final episode perhaps). Jin definitely didn't had that much screen time in this episode because this seems more like the Amagi's episode with Seizou and Kouga being in a pinch and Konoha still in her hiding spot.

As for Kouga, I did mentioned earlier that I liked Kouga's mind rape in this episode. Okay, I was just pretty happy to see further development in Kouga's character. I can't believe that Nakata Jirou (Hori Katsunosuke) just spelled everything out for Kouga - Kouga's weakness and justice and his (Jirou's) revenge against the Amagi Corporation. Although Jirou's back story didn't really made that much impact to me because what really came to my surprise was Hayami's (Suzumura Kenichi) involvement in all of this charade. I actually thought that he really wants Kouga to become the hero he wants himself to be BUT similar to most people, Hayami just wants power. Suck that power up to himself because finally Kouga has proven himself hero-worthy for killing the person he looked up to as a brother.

Finally, I was really happy to see this episode getting all the romance set aside. Hanako's migraine is still on and I wasn't really surprised to see a Player (I assume) capture her. She will probably be used against Jin. For crying out loud, I don't want to see the next episode being filled with that annoying Hanako x Jin pairing.

In an overall look on this episode, it did throw a lot of very interesting events that made this episode really interesting. I like how everything is played and I don't really see this episode as fast paced or anything. I liked the adrenaline this episode just did and with 2 more episodes to go, everything will definitely end in a one go match with Haitani (and that just reminded me of Bakuman's Reversi. LOL.) and that makes its perfect ending. Now I'd like to see how this will end. How everything will fall into place. What will happen to Amagi corporation. How will Kouga face his father. AND how will ZET defeat Haitani.

~I'll watch and post episode 12 within this week because I'm so excited. XD
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