Bakuman 2 – Episode 8 & Episode 9

AND so, without even reaching the second half of the series, TRAP ends. With that said, I’m thinking that the second half will begin with their new series. Ohh, I can already see the ending :D

Episode 8: Recall and Call
It was EPIC that the editors had to face team Fukuda because of their protest on Ashirogi’s unjust long hiatus. Yes, the editor-in-chief’s reason was really unfair and I’m entirely against it as well. Through this unjust reasoning of the editor-in-chief, team Fukuda has decided to boycott WSJ and go on hiatus until Ashirogi’s back on the magazine. But then, Hattori-san gave them the idea of continue writing for WSJ if Ashirogi will resume once Mashiro’s out of the hospital. Fukuda refused until he gets a confirmation that Ashirogi will be back soon but what’s funny in here is Hiramaru-san. LOL.

Boycott, Banzai!(´∀`)
With Mashiro-kun seeing the boycott, he instantly request to talk to Fukuda-san and Niizuma-sensei and asked them to return to WSJ. I remember him saying that he has accepted their hiatus and team Fukuda has to be there even though Ashirogi’s not because WSJ needs them.

Anyway, proceeding to the Mashiro’s release from the hospital, Ashirogi immediately went over to the editorial department to ask the editor-in-chief to allow them to be serialized immediately. With their motivation, Miura presented the editor-in-chief Mashiro’s works when he was still in the hospital and told him that he improved during his stay there. With that said, editor-in-chief, Sasaki-san has allowed Ashirogi to immediately release their next chapter.

Episode 9: Resumption and Low-Rank
As expected from their hiatus, when TRAP came back on WSJ, they came at 4th place, then 12th and so on. The point is, their ranking really fell hard and TRAP finally ends. It really is a shame that TRAP ended so early, I was actually wishing to see more of TRAP but with just the beginning of their dream, I’m pretty sure that fans are more than excited to see the other series that’ll be publish by Ashirogi.

While Ashirogi’s having a crisis, Takahama has showed Ashirogi his manuscript which he submitted for a monthly contest under Miura-san. And on the looks of things, it looks like Takahama’s manga is going pretty well. In fact, it was published on WSJ and it could soon be serialized.

Plus, when Fukuda-san told Niizuma that Ashirogi’s TRAP is in danger, Niizuma just showed us his ‘other side’, his serious side that is. Well, he just said that TRAP’s cancellation isn’t his business at all and that writing manga is just like survival of the fittest. And it looks like Ashirogi just couldn’t survive.

The end of hideout door, on the other hand, seems to not bother Aoki-san. In fact, she would like to put an end to hideout door. Furthermore, when Aida-san told her that hideout door will finally end, it seems that she has finally made up her mind and go back to writing shoujo manga.

Also, this episode practically made me laugh because of Hiramaru’s EPIC stupidity and Yoshida-shi’s EPIC scheme. The two of them really goes well with each other, yes? With Hiramaru’s sudden panic, he accidentally told Ashirogi his potential anime adaptation. With this, Mashir’s mind suddenly went drifting back to getting an anime to marry Azuki. Ahhh… I wonder when will that be.

With so many things that happened in this episode, I have to admit that the phasing is still pretty appropriate. Anyway, things are definitely getting more interesting. Plus, who’s looking forward to Ashirogi’s next manga?

Episode 10 Preview

Note: This will be my last per-episode post of Bakuman 2. I’m dropping my coverage of Bakuman 2 ‘cause I don’t have that much time to do so but I’ll do continue with the coverage of the manga(:

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