Kokoro Connect - 01

I knew watching Kokoro Connect would never be a mistake. This first episode was all fun and switching bodies. Romantic comedy? Probably. Mystery? Most likely. Now, let get into my impression of this episode and this series in general.

First, let me tell you what this series will be all about (for those who haven't watched it yet). In the simplest term, this series will be all about body switching. One of the coolest idea yet? Probably. But not when you're the one getting switched into someone else's body. LOL. Anyway, everyone might have already seen some body switching arcs in a lot of anime out there and switching to the opposite sex is no surprise. Let's take for example the recent arc of SKET Dance where in Fujisaki Yusuke (Bossun) switches body with Onizuka Hime (Himeko). Just think of all the misunderstanding that's going to happen when they meet other people? It's pretty exciting to watch but getting into their shoes is the worst part.

This series takes on the challenge of making the body switching as its main plot. I'd like to see how this will go and hopefully it won't get boring along the way. The episode immediately opens with their first incident of body switching in their sleep. Initial thought: meh, it's just a dream. But next thing they know, the two of them had the same experience right at the same time. Strange? Yes. BUT to makes things seem convincing for our main characters, another two switched bodies and immediately presented their switched selves to the other members of their club. It's funny how one member does her assurance for the switch AND I just love her character :D Anyway, I guess that's about it. LOL.

As an opening episode, I have to say that it's pretty intriguing in its own way. The body switching idea itself is intriguing. First off, let me go through the 'how' of the switch. Going back to my example, what actually triggered the switch of Bossun and Himeko was the pill that Chuuma-sensei did. ANYWAY, my point is, this switch idea has got to have a reason for switching and how does this switch actually triggers. From what I've seen in the OP and the episode 2 preview, there could be someone behind it or am I assuming things here? Well actually I am. But I guess that's the fun part about the mystery, you sometimes just have to guess at what's given to you. The second intriguing idea about this is the idea that they could switch anytime and anywhere. They might get switch while sleeping, studying, eating or even while taking a bath XD. Moreover, who will they get switch into? As of this episode, we see 2 people switch but the next episode preview suggests that 3 people could switch bodies. Now regarding the who, if worse comes to worst, they could switch to the opposite gender and who knows what'll happen from there on? I know most guys out there would grope their own chest when they get to switch with a girl, just like what happened in this episode :3

ANYWAY, getting over with the whole body switching thing, let me go to the fun characters that make this series not only intriguing but also enjoyable to watch. I'd like to start with the character that I like the most. There's Inaba Himeko whose voice actor I immediately recognized to be Sawashiro Miyuki. I really like her personality and how she seem to have that Minko-type of character. She could be someone that needs to get out of her shell and stop being that all serious type of character BUT I like her that way :3 Anyway, as for the rest, we have Nagase Iori (Toyosaki Aki). She's practically the most easy going character in the series and she first got switched with Yaegashi Taichi (Mizushima Takahiro) who didn't even had second thoughts on touching Iori's breast when they got switched. Oh well, boys will be boys :3 Next up is Kiriyama Yui (Kanemoto Hisako) who got switched with Aoki Yoshifumi (Terashima Takuma) at the middle of the night. Aoki has a huge crush on Yui and they're so cute when they going all about the body switch they had.

Music-wise, the BGM was pretty enjoyable and fits the anime very well. Not really my OST-material but for this type of anime's BGM, I'd say that it's pretty good. Now for the art, I'd have to say that the character design is pretty decent and cute. EcchiCatgirl from Seasonal Anime Reviews said that it's similar to K-ON! and I definitely couldn't agree more. Although K-ON! could still be above this (although that's the only part they could be better in my opinion) BUT comparing this at the generic character designs by Silverlink (Baka to Test, C3), this is definitely good. Now for the background art, definitely not that beautiful. I really don't know how to praise it because it's not my type but I guess I can leave that for now.

In an overall look at this episode, I just have to say that this could be a must to watch series this season. As of now, this could be my potential fave this season although I haven't really seen the other series yet (and I'll be posting a first impression on those other series as well). Anyway, go watch this series now! XD This is a fun slice of life anime with a very intriguing plot :3

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