Arcana Famiglia - 02

It's true that I like how Arcana Famiglia opened. The quick introduction of characters that was done last episode was pretty good and the Arcana Duello has taken my interest. However, this episode just seemed to pull my interest down and practically discourage my hopes on seeing a good reverse harem. Wait. Forget about seeing a good reverse harem. I'm pretty disappointed of how senseless J.C. Staff has gone with this episode.

I'm not entirely sure if everyone would agree but while talking to a friend, we actually had the same thought on this episode. This felt more like a filler episode than a second episode. Following up the quick introductions done from the first episode, this episode had given more details on each of the main characters. It had also given an overview of the different serie of the Arcana Famiglia: Intelligence, Coin, Club, Holy Grail and Sword. With more screen time on Libertà, Nova and Felicità (which I consider as the main characters) but not really going deeper on each of them, I'm really hoping that this is just a teaser episode. LOL. Filler episodes are only for long running series! o(>A<)o For a 12-episode anime, every episode is suppose to be important and each of them should at least develop an aspect of the story or character.

As I have said earlier, this episode barely had anything other than Libertà, Nova and Felicità looking for the cat and its owner. We get some better looks on the other guys of the series which made me realize how much I like hearing Debito (Yoshino Hiroyuki) speak.  ~Bambina~ I've heard Hiroyuki on other series such as Mobile Suit Gundam 00's Hallelujah Haptism and SKET Dance's Fujisaki Yusuke but his voice in here is better to my ears. XD ANYWAY, I'm really hoping that we won't see another episode like this since this will be a 1-cour anime, 12 episodes to be exact. It'll feel bad if things get worse from here on.

This is just the second episode but I'm really disappointed at how this just turned out. First off, we don't get much from this episode and second we barely heard anything about the Arcana Duello which is supposed to be where the entire story will revolve (or so I think). 
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