Arcana Famiglia - First Impression

As this season's reverse harem anime, I'd say that this turned out a lot better than last season's reverse harem - Hiiro no Kakera. I'm not a huge fan of reverse harems because there aren't really many reverse harem that came to my liking. Although I have to admit that practically just like seeing all those bishounen with their sexy voices done by amazing voice actors.

As an opening episode, I have to say that this works out pretty well. BUT how do I really say when an opening episode plays its part well? In my opinion, an opening episode is good when it clearly gives off the premise of the story well. The first episode should at least tell where the story will revolve and also give a quick introduction of the characters (or at least the main characters). So how did Arcana Famiglia go? The first part of the episode has actually given a quick introduction of the role of the Arcana Famiglia in the island of Regalo. Also, we get to see the two main heroes of the series - Libertà (Fukuyama Jun) and Nova (Yonaga Tsubasa) - as well as the heroine of the series, Felicità (Noto Mamiko). The second half, on the other hand, we were introduced to where the series will (or should) revolve, the Arcana Duello. The Arcano Duello is suppose to be a battle of those who have a power of an Arcana. The victor of the battle will be called the next 'Papa' and become the head of the family. The twist comes when Papa (or Mondo) also proclaims that the victor will have the right to marry his daughter, Felicità.

For the characters, generic reverse harem of course comes with generic characters. Felicità is practically one of those fierce heroines and that's what I like about her. Also, her Arcana: Lovers is pretty good. It allows her to see what's within a person's heart. For the two heroes I've mentioned earlier, they practically go with the typical duo of a series. They don't go well with each other and they seem to have different ways of thinking but at the end of the day, it will always seem that they get along with each other the best. Fukuyama Jun as Libertà reminds me of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon's Aoi Tori which was also voiced by Fukuyama. With the Fool Arcana, I have no idea what he can do. BUT going through with what the Fool Arcana actually means: the card of infinite possibilities. Now that's pretty interesting. Tells me that he's going to be a pretty strong guy. As for Nova, I guess I practically like him because I like characters with the serious personality. With the Death Arcana which symbolizes death or end, I'm also interested on what he can do.

Now I wouldn't go so much on the music since it isn't anything interesting in this series. What I'd like to talk about is the voice acting. Reverse harem series doesn't only go with the looks of each bishounen but their voices are also part of their characters. First of all, Fukuyama's voice as Libertà, as I have mentioned before is similar to Aoi Tori of Horizon. It was pretty easy to identify. Now for Nova, I'm pretty new to Yonaga Tsubasa's voice and hearing him before as Niiya Teiichi from Tasogare Otome x Amnesia and now as Nova is pretty interesting because they somehow sound different. Niiya sounds more high pitched. LOL. I wouldn't go to all the characters because it'll be pretty long, I'll just go through one more: Sugita Tomokazu as Pace. Hearing him in Hiiro no Kakera as Onizaki Takuma with that big Sugita voice is pretty disappointing. I'm pretty glad how he leveled down his voice in here to sound more bishounen and I really like it x3

As for the art, I'd say that it's pretty decent. I have admit that I love the character designs. Felicità and her outfit could be one of my fave this season. Among the set of supposedly bishounen, my fave has got to be: Nova, Pace, Luca (Nakamura Yuuichi) and Jolly (Yusa Kouji). Background art is pretty much decent. It doesn't seem to standout or anything. I wonder what's up with J.C. Staff in here but I'll be looking forward to the next episodes. I've always liked J.C. Staff's style in terms of background art because they're good at detailed stuffs as I have mentioned in my Bakuman. 2 series review. Anyway, the battle scene over at the first part was pretty good. SO there shouldn't be any problems in terms of J.C. Staff's animation :D

In an overall look on this episode, I'd say that it's a pretty good opening episode and a decent reverse harem. I really like the idea of the Arcana being used in the series(: With how the second episode will go, I just might decide to blog this series :D
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