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It's just the other day when I finished my current favorite music genre anime, Sakamichi no Apollon. It had opened me to the possibility that music genre can actually be pretty good. This season, I've decided to watch and blog P.A. Works' original anime, Tari Tari.

When everyone has been saying that this anime looks awfully a lot like P.A. Works'  other anime, Hanasaku Iroha, I just couldn't agree more. Just looking at the promotional poster reminds me of it. I'm not a huge fan of HanaIro but I do have to admit that it was a pretty good and refreshing anime. Not to my surprise, the female characters reminded me of HanaIro's. Particularly, Miyamoto Konatsu (Seto Asami) greatly reminds me of Matsumae Ohana from HanaIro. Although I'm pretty sure that the comparison doesn't end here.

From the many anime out there, Tari Tari simply goes with a typical plot. In a quick overview of where the series will probably go, it's about the 'new' choir club (or whatever it was supposed to be called) that will bring the five main characters together. This first episode generally gives off a background of everybody and has clearly stated where the 13 episodes of the series will go around. There aren't any particularly interesting scenes in this episode yet but I'm still looking forward for some improvements on the following episodes.

Slice of life genre anime will always be the genre that will catch my heart. There are so many possibilities in the genre and that's the best thing I like about it. Slice of life can just generally be about having fun or about random things but it's practically my least fave style it. My favorite has got to be a slice of life genre with characters that have some big time (or not really that big) goals throughout the series. I like series with characters that has some real and possible dreams and shows the realities of it just like Bakuman and Uchuu Kyoudai. Now for Tari Tari, I know that they are giving an impression almost similar to K-ON! (minus the moe characters doing nothing other than moe fan service) but in this first episode, their goal has probably been set or given - being part of their school recital in their final year of high school.

I wouldn't go so much on the characters of the series because throughout, I'm pretty sure we'll get to know them better. So, for a quick overview of the five main characters, let's start with Miyamoto which I have mentioned earlier. She may have a face that's initially gentle and looks like HanaIro's Oshimizu Nako but for the most part, she reminded me of Ohana more because of her character. On my impression of her, she's most likely the person that will bring everyone together and probably bring the best out of everyone. I just smiled when she said to Sakai: I don't want to regret giving up before I even tried. It reminded me of Akito Takagi's line in Bakuman. I just love that idea. Anyway, for the next character, Sakai Wakana (Takagaki Ayahi) reminded me of Tsurugi Minko from HanaIro as well. She's more like a character that needs to break out of herself. There's also OkitaSawa (Hayami Saori) who seems to be the person that's beside Miyamoto. Tanako Taichi (Shimazaki Nobunaga), on the other hand, could be a pretty interesting guy and is the only member of the badminton club. AND finally we have Wien (Hanae Natsuki) who just moved from Australia (???) and has been reading books on how-to's in Japan. He's practically the funniest character for me right now but at the same time we'll probably see some drama about him. He's still learning the customs of the country and the funny idea is that he's doing everything so formal.

As for an anime that's suppose to be about music, there're aren’t much things going on yet. The song that Miyamoto sang at the end of the episode was pretty interesting but not really enough to capture me. But on another side, the BGM was pretty good. I'm definitely looking forward to the OST(: That's P.A. Works for you. Remember how Another just had an outstanding BGM that makes the atmosphere of the anime a lot better?

Of course everyone knows that P.A. Works doesn't only make great music but they are very well known for their outstanding art in both character designs and background art. First off, the character design greatly resembles HanaIro and partially of Another. Does Ishii Yuriko working on both HanaIro and Another make any indications? Is she also working on Tari Tari and not yet indicated in MAL? Now for the background art, it's as beautiful as it can be. As expected from P.A. Works.

In an overall look on this episode of Tari Tari, it had made its role very well as an opening episode. It had introduced the characters in a quick but somehow pretty memorable way. At the same time, the main plot of the series has also been clearly stated. The music part of the series hasn't made much impact but I'm pretty sure that it'll improve throughout the series(:

For more screenshots, click here.
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