June Anime: Spring Conclusion and 2nd Half

I guess this is the time wherein we'll get to finally decided whether an anime is good or not. If it's worth the time or not. Like Mashiro Moritaka said in chapter 174 of Bakuman., "the last scene in a manga is important. After all, you can say that whether the piece is a masterpiece or a flop depends on just that one scene." In a similar sense, I believe that an anime can only be consider a true masterpiece when the conclusion is very well presented.

With most of the anime this spring season finally ending, I have to admit that I wasn't disappointed at myself for calling this season (spring) as one of my fave anime seasons. It was a fun 3-months with a lot of very interesting, inspiring and fun to watch anime. Whether they may be 1-cour, 2-cour or long running series, spring anime season has really proven itself to me that it's one of my fave anime season out there (with fall anime season being the other one).

As I have mentioned on my Summer 2012 Watch List post, I'll be making my Top 3 Anime for Spring 2012 post soon but for the meantime , here're my final thoughts/impressions on the anime that I've finished this season(:

Uchuu Kyoudai (14 of ???)
This past month, Uchuu Kyoudai had been focused solely on building up Nanba Mutta's (Hirata Kiroaki) teammates (or rivals) in the third test. The third test has also been explain well. And honestly speaking, it's really interesting. Although these past few episodes hadn't been the most moving ones for Uchuu Kyoudai, they have been keeping very well with their style of comedy which keeps me going. The strength of Mutta's dream has also been going pretty well each time he gets to know the other members of his team.

Hunter x Hunter (36 of ???)
Last month, I was eagerly looking forward to Gon and Hisoka's match. AND I'm glad that it didn't disappoint me although the outcome of the match was very predictable. Of course I didn't forgot the promise they made when they were still in the Hunter Exam - Gon returning Hisoka's number when he can punch him with equally. Anyway, when Gon was finally caught by Hisoka's Bungee Gum I just knew that it'll be a one sided match. Going over with how Madhouse Entertainment is going with this adaptation and remake, I have to admit that it's really good. Watching this match was just beyond awesome and their style is really good.

AKB0048 (9 of 13)
As an anime that I never really plan to watch at the beginning, I'm pretty much happy to see how much I'm liking this series. Although at this point, I can't remember why there was an Idol Ban to begin with but I guess I can look it up soon. As of now, I really like the direction of this series. With some character development done each episode, I have to admit that with 13-episodes I don't think that everyone will be develop well but as of now, the 4 main characters that we started on (Motomiya Nagisa, Sono Chieri, Aida Orine and Ichijou Yuuka) have been developed pretty well - well Ichijou isn't really that developed yet. With 3 generations of understudies being shown, I don't expect to see further development on the 76th generation since the focus right now is the idea of succession. With 4 more episodes to go, I still have no idea how this will end but I do have a positive outlook that this will end pretty well(:

Hyouka (11 of 21)
With the current arc that Hyouka is in now, I have to admit that I'm still in thought whether this anime will turn out pretty good or what. Although I have to say that I like all those many dialogues most especially the most recent episode. With the mere mention of you're special to Houtarou, we all see some character development in him. From this point on, Houtarou's motto - If I don't have to do it, I won't - won't be applicable any more. I'd like to see him solve more mysteries.

Anyway, the latest arc which a number of people seem to dislike have taken my interest most especially the cliffhanger at the end of episode 10. Personally speaking, I'd say that I found this more interesting compared to the Sekitani Jun arc although I was pretty disappointed that it took so long for Oreki to come up with a theory. Now with the concluding episode of the arc, I'd have to say that I actually like it. I like how everyone just had to point out to Houtarou his mistake and how Houtarou faced Irisu head one. Houtarou really had changed(:

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (Completed)
With the many good anime this season, Tasogare Otome has got to be one of my fave this season. First of all, I'd like to say this once again, I really love how the atmosphere of the anime reminds me so much of winter season's Another (which I expected so much from). The art is very fantastic and the BGM is really great. I'd definitely get a copy of the OST :D Of course the art and music wasn't the only one that caught me in this anime, I really like the comedy and drama in this anime. The harem wasn't the best but pretty decent, in my opinion. From beginning to end, I just love Okonogi Momoe (Fukuen Misato)! Anyway, the best parts of the series has got to be from when Kanoe Yuuko's (Hara Yumi) past has been revealed. From that part onwards, I watched one episode after another. I was really moved with Yuuko's past and what happened after Niiya Teiichi (Yonaga Tsubasa) has finally found it out. The conclusion was okay. Definitely not the best for this season but I'm fairly satisfied with it(: Niiya and Yuuko's exchange of words was just great.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal (49 of ???)
I know that people barely(or no one) reads my thoughts on ZeXal but I'd still write anyway. LOL. Anyway, even though I still haven't fully catch up on the currently airing episodes, I'd like to praise the series a little with how the duels have actually gotten better ever since the appearance of III (Ikeda Kyousuke) and IV (Hosoya Yoshimasa). The last duel I watched was Tsukumo Yuma's (Hatanaka Tasuku) duel with III. Of course it was pretty annoying how they were all being dramatic with all those friendship and family issues. III being jealous of Yuma's bonds with Astral (Irino MIyu) isn't the biggest surprise for me since III always makes me feel like he's Kimi to Boku.'s Matsuoka Shun - always thinking about things like friendship, other people and such. He even has Shun's looks (except the hair. LOL.) and girly aura. Anyway, forgetting how III is, I'm definitely looking forward for an interesting championship match :D


Kimi to Boku. 2 (Completed)
So the second season of Kimi to Boku. has finally ended and it just left me with a bitter feeling for it. THEY NEVER SHOWED A YUTA X TAKAHASHI EPISODE! o(>A<)o oh well, with how this second season turned out, I pretty much like how the romance was leveled up a notch. All those Masaki x Chizuru episodes were definitely worth the watch. Despite my undeniable rage for this season, I have to admit that character developments were pretty good. I really like episode 12 which was mainly about Kaname's feelings for Hisako's sister. Anyway, my fave theme for this season was thinking about the future. I clearly remember 2 episodes where Shun-chan's thinking about what the future holds for them. It's a pretty interesting thought that sometimes I think about it too. A quick review can be read here.

ZETMAN (Completed)
How did ZETMAN concluded its difficult high and low run? In my opinion, it had been pretty decent. Although there are people who finished it and didn't liked it. It's their opinion and point-of-view on the series, I don't want to argue or anything. Of course, I wouldn't defend TMS Production on how they did ZETMAN. I have to admit that making a 13-episode anime out of almost 200 chapters manga is a real pain but there could have been other things that they could have done to minimize the negative feedbacks they just took. As someone who partially appreciates the anime, I have to say that their main problem was the pacing and the character development. They greatly struggle there that the ending didn't catch half of the people who have watched it.


Jormungand (Completed)
Jormungand was first referred to as oddly similar to Black Lagoon at the beginning of the season and I don't blame myself and everyone else who have did the comparison. Both of them are pretty good on their own ways. They have their own dept in each character's story and had those pretty good action scenes and insane impossibilities. I guess that's what made them pretty awesome to watch. SO what makes Jormungand entirely different from Black Lagoon? I'm not entirely sure of this since it's almost a year since I finished Black Lagoon. I think that Black Lagoon had a Koko Hekmatyar character. Other than Koko's presence in Jormungand, I also love Jormungand's BGM. It works perfectly for the anime! XD

SKET Dance (64 of ???)
Okay, I don't know what SKET Dance is doing right now but these past episodes weren't really their best. I know I did said that I somehow like Agata Saaya (Hanazawa Kana) but her jump rope episode was pretty boring. Anyway, the current arc which I'm watching right now is pretty interesting. I'd say that a body switch episode always catches my attention (pretty good reason why I'm looking forward to Kokoro Connect this season?). Forgetting about the romance or awkwardness that will go around Bossun and Himeko throughout this arc, the most interesting one in here is Switch's observations. HAHA. Sasuga Switch! XD

Sakamichi no Apollon (Completed)
Should I say that this is my favorite series for the season? Picking this series up as a part of the anime that I'm blogging was pretty surprising on my part as well. I initially never even planned to actually prioritize watching this series BUT who would have thought that a series that's set in 1960s and have jazz music could be this amazing? Probably that was only me. LOL. Probably the overwhelming expectations that Sakamichi no Apollon has been taking also made me curious of actually watching this series. Anyway, other than the really great music we all expect this series to have, I really love the drama that this series gives. I love how this anime basically feels so natural and the characters being so alive. If Tsuritama has finishing as the thing that bonded everyone, Sakamichi no Apollon had jazz to bring Sentarou and Kaoru together. I never really appreciated jazz until I watched this series. My final review can be read here.

Tsuritama (Completed)
Should I say everyone's favorite series for the season? (OR probably almost everyone). Anyway, this series had definitely became unexpectedly good on my opinion. Probably I was surprised at how much this series had done so well because everyone's eyes had been focused on the other noitaminA show, Sakamichi no Apollon. With how this series go, it's pretty much reasonable why many people have actually liked this series. For one, I don't notice any faults in the series. As an anime that focuses on the friendship that uses fishing as a great excuse to make their bonds stronger, this anime had done a really great job. There's no wasted episode and all characters were well developed. The art is very fancy and never looks boring. For more of my thoughts on Tsuritama, read my series review(:

Acchi Kocchi (Completed)
This series became something I watch when I wanted to relax or so. The romance in this episode just makes you want to join with all the nosebleed parade that's going on every part. I really like all the main characters here despite being so stereotypical. Also, with Okamoto Nobuhiko voicing yet another attractive character. Otonashi Io's voice practically reminded me of Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, another Okamoto character. Noting another unforgettable character for me is Haruno Hime (Fukuhora Kaori) her voice always rings in my head. HAHA. She's just too cute for words! XD I really enjoyed this anime most especially all those cute romance going around about Io and Tsumiki. I want more Acchi Kocchi! An OVA could sound good but a second season would sound 10 times better :D

Sankarea (Completed)
For me, Sankarea started off pretty good. I like how they take each step one at a time. I believe that it works perfectly for this type of anime but for some reasons, once the second half started, things just started feeling a little slow and boring. Despite those things, the series continues to develop and we continue to see more of the characters such as Saouji Ranko (Yahagi Sayuri) and Sanka Aria (Asano Mayumi). Anyway, episode 11 was a really great conclusion for the series. I like how Furuya Chihiro (Kimura Ryohei) make some senses to Sanka Rea's father. As for episode 12, it practically just ruined everything (for me, that is). Although episode 12 wasn't entirely empty, I just didn't like how it felt and how it's suppose to be the final episode.

Natsuiro Kiseki (Completed)
I didn't really expected anything from this anime and for some reasons, it turned out pretty interesting. I just decided to catch up to this series on some random idea and I'm pretty thankful for Cely_belly from  Cely_belly nonsense for pushing me on watching this series. I watched this anime one episode after another because it's really fun to watch and some of their wishes were probably something I'd wish. Although I could probably have wished for more. Anyway, this anime had more interesting stuffs other than wishing to fly so for those who haven't watch this series and have decided to drop it after the first episode, you suggest you go watch this. This anime's pretty good for slice of life fans like me :D

Kuroko no Basuke (13 of 25)
The ending of Seirin's match with Seiho and their match with Shutoku had been really intense. Midorima is hell amazing BUT Kuroko had been more interesting. The most memorable thing about Seirin's match with Shutoku has got to be the first basket Seirin has scored from them - Kuroko's EPIC PASS! Other than that part, another interesting thing about this match was not how far Midorima can shoot (although a full court was still pretty surprising) but Midorima's fellow freshman, Takao Kazunari (Suzuki Tatsuhisa). Anyway with the second half finally opening, I'm really glad to finally see Aomine Daiki (Suwabe Junichi - Aomine's voiced by Jun-nii. LOL.) on an episode. I can't wait for Seirin's match against Aomine's team, Touhou. Wait. Maybe the right way to say this is: I can't wait to see Aomine play. XD That formless shot is something to see!

Spring Season Final Thoughts.
With the end of June marks the end of spring anime season. It had been a pretty great run with a lot of fun anime to watch. I'll post my top 3 anime for spring probably once AKB0048 ends. Now, the series that actually surprised me were:
  • Sakamichi no Apollon - The setting and genre initially turned me off. Good thing I decided to pick this show up :3
  • Kuroko no Basuke - I don't really like sports genre anime until I've seen this. I was convinced into watching this through Rei's post at Wan Abrar as well as Guardian Enzo's post in Lost in America. Now I can't believe how much I love this series. XD
  • Natsuiro Kiseki - I really did planned to watch this but didn't watch it immediately since I've read a couple of blog posts saying that it isn't worth the time. I was really happy that Cely_belly from Cely_belly Nonsense pushed me into watching this. This is a really good slice of life/supernatural anime :3
  • AKB0048 - It isn't really that good but it actually surprised me to the fact that this is actually a pretty decent show. I love the art (minus the character designs) and the music :3
Other than the surprising series, there were also ones that disappointed me. Not to the extend that I don't like them or anything. It's just that my expectations wasn't met or the series had troubles in the middle of its run.
  • Sankarea - Truth me told, I like how Sankarea began. I love the art, the character design and the pacing of the series but personally, once I reached the half of the series, it bored me. Other than that, the final episode also didn't please me. x_x
  • Hyouka - I can't believe myself for thinking that this anime will go on high level mysteries. Although I still like the series as it is, I was just expecting this to have deeper mysteries and instead find a school-type mystery anime.
Now for series that will continue to the next season, I'm looking forward to more great episodes of Uchuu Kyoudai and Kuroko no Basuke. With Nanba Mutta taking the 3rd exam, I'm pretty sure that this will take a couple more episodes and more character developments among his teammates. The last episode (episode 15) was pretty interesting and intense. As for Kuroko no Basuke, just the mere appearance of Aomine Daiki made me excited for the second half.

As for the other series, I'll try to watch Hiiro no Kakera sometime around. It bored the hell out me with all the characters being uninteresting and with plot itself being boring. As for Medaka Box, one of my friends suggest that I watch it. I don't know yet but I'll think about it. For KoreZom, I have no idea why I placed it on-hold :/ I'll go right into it (by the weekends perhaps) since this season seems to be pretty boring (although I'll still be blogging on a number of series). As for Nyaruko-san, I just didn't had the time to finish it. Finally for the series that I have never watched, any encouraging words for me to start the series? :D

On-Hold: Hiiro no Kakera, Medaka Box, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD, Haiyore!! Nyaruko-san
Never touched (LOL): Saki Achiga-hen, Accel World, Upotte!!, Nazo no Kanojo X
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