Sword Art Online - 02

I was battling myself in either doing an episode post on this one or not since I'm pretty sure that over half of episodic bloggers out there are sharing their thoughts on this anime. The hype was just too much for me to handle but for now, I decided to take the challenge of bringing out my thoughts on this anime(:

I've never seen Accel World so there's no way I can make comparison and such in terms of the story, style and character quality. I've also never seen .hack// series so I also can't compare so much on the game-based style of anime. Now, after watching the first two episodes of Sword Art Online, it was no surprise why people had been looking forward to this series so much. The art and animation is just beautiful, the story is easy to understand and really interesting and the main character, Kirito (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), is pretty great.

As early as the second episode, a lot of time has already passed. Not that I'm complaining because despite the time skip, it seems that no character development was missed. I was pretty surprise that it actually took them about a month to find the boss's place. It seems that Kirito wasn't able to keep up to his word. Anyway, what I really like about this episode is the appearance of Asuna (Tomatsu Haruka) and the outcome of their match with the boss.

I guess it's expected that Kirito can't fight the boss alone. Although as a beta tester and even calling himself to be above the rest of the beta testers, I'm assuming that he can actually do better than what he did in this episode's battle. Although I believe that it'll still do him good if he'll face the following bosses alone. What happened to Kirito at the end was the most interesting decision he made. I really like how he played himself as a bad guy and actually accepting the title - beater. It was really good how Kirito isn't one of those lame lead characters and please everyone around him or get scared of them.

In an overall look on this episode, I'd say that it just made better developments for Kirito. Although he refuses to be with Asuna for now, I'm still looking forward to their partnership. The animation in their battle with the boss was pretty great and Kirito and Asuna's team play looks really amazing :3 I'm definitely looking forward to more of those(:
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