Tari Tari - 02

As of this episode, Tari Tari hasn't done anything astounding to make me actually love this series. Sure the music has gotten a lot better - the piano will always take my attention - but the story haven't gotten much interesting.

First off, I honestly thought that this anime will begin with life reality struggles and the main characters will get together through the hardships they will encounter. Probably that will come a little later (or will it?). Despite my disappointment, this episode is definitely not empty handed. It did gave us something to worry about regarding the new choir club and we also see some small developments on Wakana. I didn't expect for Wakana to actually be the first person to join their merry making club. Oh well~

Now let me go over with how the heck they got a club when there's already a choir club available. I believe that it's not even good to have 2 of the same clubs in one school (as I remember from Area no Kishi). The principal was initially against the idea but when he saw Wakana's name, he immediately approved the club. As of now, I don't know if I'm just misunderstanding something but there must be something about Wakana that made the principal approve of their club.

As for the recital, I was surprised with the sudden accident of the principal. I initially thought that the vice principal had some kind of scheme. LOL. Anyway, seeing how Konatsu took the strength to stand in front of the crowd and do the recital with just the two of them probably took more strength that I can imagine her to take. Seeing how she ruined the recital the year before was definitely a traumatic experience for her and it's an amazing sight to just see her there take over her fears. As for Wakana, it was pretty good to actually see her voluntarily play the piano for Konatsu. Three cakes could be a pretty good excuse to say that she really want to play for them in the recital :3 Anyway, from what we've seen in the ending, looks like the struggle will now begin since the principal just entrusted everything to the vice principal who's really against the new choir club.

For other things, I'd say that I was pretty sad to see how this episode didn't show so much of Wien and Taichi. Not that I care about Taichi but I just want to see more of Wien and his understanding of Japanese culture through books. We still haven't seen anything that will connect the two of them to the choir club but through the preview, I think that next episode we'll get some connection.

Going over with my appreciation of this anime, I'd have to say that there's no limit at how you can appreciate an art. I don't know how many time I'd say this but the background art is just so outstanding I'm falling in love to it. There're just a lot of scenes in here that makes me appreciate it so much. Other than the background art, I really like how their facial expressions were made most especially Konatsu's. They're cute and at the same time very well done :3 Other than the art, I have mentioned that the music just turned out  a lot better in this episode. I really love the piano and the recital Konatsu and Sawa just did.

In an overall look on this episode, I'd say that it got a little disappointing from what I'm looking forward to in this series. BUT I'm still expecting more since this is just the second episode. Hopefully the following episodes will be a little bit more interesting.

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