Kokoro Connect - 04

I don't really know what to feel about this episode. I'm actually torn between liking and disliking it. First off, I like this episode because I love this anime and we're actually getting more into the story. On the other hand, I'm partially disliked this episode because it made me feel that as if all their personal and supposedly mind breaking problems seems a bit forced.

First off, let me go with selfless freaking, Taichi, talking with Nagase. Of course we all see how this will turn out and Nagase's story isn't the most interesting one out there. In fact, as I have mentioned earlier, I feel that it was more like a forced story to give everyone a 'dark' story to make it seem that they're all breaking down. ANYWAY, at least now we understand where her monologue from episode 2 came from. Nagase's actually questioning her own identity because all her life she has been pleasing all those 5 fathers she came across. It's no wonder she doesn't know what she wants in life because she actually never even gave thought on it. BUT answering her question back then, I'll still be going with the same answer. She won't change anymore despite all those personality swap.

Now, for last week's cliffhanger - Inaba's faint. She was just sick, that's all and I was right on thought. She was overthinking about this body swap business. AND what did she said? She's scare or worried whenever they swap bodies because the one using her body (or whoever's on another body) might do something like a crime (although a crime really is just going overboard). She stated that she doesn’t trust the others. Of course I'm not objecting her statement. Personally, even I'd have some doubts when my body gets exchange with whoever. BUT the funniest part in here has got to be Taichi's secret. LOL. I doubt Inaba's secret was true or just some statement to see Taichi's reaction but when Taichi just said his secret, I was like: WTF? Seriously? LOL. Was the subs messing around or something?

Finally, on Inaba's last thoughts - it's kind of funny how girls actually like guys who seems so nice. Well, honestly speaking not all girls are like that. Seriously. Besides, it's seriously rare to meet a straight guy like Taichi. LOL. But if you'll ask me, I definitely like Taichi more than Aoki (or is this thought is simply because Aoki isn't fully introduced yet?).

In an overall look on this episode, I'd say that it didn't please me as the previous ones but it's still pretty good. This anime is definitely a candidate for my top anime this season. AND the preview suggests that we'll see the scene from the preview. Nagase's going off a bridge? O.O AND Taichi's there to save her? I bet she's going on bout her personality again...

for more screenshots, click here.
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