Tari Tari - 03

This episode has finally assembled the five main characters together. I personally say that I like this episode than the previous one. Anyway, with what they plan to do with their club: Choir Club and sometimes Badminton Club is just hilarious. Seriously.

I like the little snippets of their childhood. It's gives an insight of them. In this episode we see Tanako Taichi's (Shimazaki Nobunaga) childhood wherein his sister saves her. Anyway, let me proceed to how this episode go(: I've been looking forward to having the 5 of them get together and this episode has just completely shown how it happened. AND it does make sense. Somehow. When we all thought that Miyamoto Konatsu's (Seto Asami) Choir Club doesn't have member problems, her brother's friends just withdrew from the club. So much for blackmailing her brother. LOL. As for Taichi, he never had any other members to begin with so there's no helping it. I wonder why the principal even approved of his club proposal. The principal's really just so carefree and base his decision probably on his emotion.

On how the club members were decided, I was pretty annoyed at how badminton was used. Moreover, it was a handicap and weird match. Although I'm pretty sure that most people out there liked what she just did. Nope, I'm not favoring Taichi since I'm more of a Wien (Hanae Natsuki) fan. AND yeah, I laughed at Wien when he was amazed that he got the shuttlecock stuck at the net. It didn't please Taichi but he's not entirely mad either. Of course he couldn't blame Wien since Konatsu just made a sure Choir Club win. Seriously. AND thus the name because Choir Club and sometimes Badminton Club? Talk about time management here.

So we get a preview of their first debut or so we think. Their performance at the beach was pretty… high school-ish. It was pretty helpful for those two old men eating by to get their performance more lively. I'm pretty positive that we'll see them perform here. Somehow. AND how that will happen will probably be shown soon. Although they'll definitely need some practice to get their act together :P

Now on my final talk on this episode, it's pretty interesting to see more of Sakai Wakana (Takagaki Ayahi). Not that I'm not getting enough of her, she's practically just my favorite female character here. The foreigner seems to have taken a liking on her and I'm very interested to know why. Oh, and I don't blame Wakana from getting scared. He doesn't even talk in english so chasing after her does seem creepy. I really like to see how this will turn out. AND on a final note, now we were told why the principal is more than willing to have Wakana involve in the new choir club(:

Comparing how much I like this episode from the previous one is obviously stated. With the full feature of the five main characters here, I'm looking forward to further development on them. Seeing Wakana finally get full involvement with them would also be something I'm looking forward to. And probably more of that funny Wien moments :3

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