Kokoro Connect - 02

As a second episode, I'd say that this turned out pretty good. This episode has finally introduced that there really is someone behind the body swap and actually observing them. Similar to Inaba, I do have my questions regarding all this matter but I guess we'll most likely get answers soon.

First off, let me get to my thoughts on all the body switching and how it went through. I initially thought that the three body switch will be the focus of this episode. Rather this focused on how the five of them are dealing with it and the knowledge that there's a guy behind all this. How did the five of them deal with this body switching issue (most especially the gender mix switch)? In a pretty normal way, I guess. I pretty much expected how they will get to know each other more through this switching AND I find it pretty funny that they had to go to the bathroom when they switch. So that they can be alone? Oh well… The funniest part is that they often make mistakes when the gender mixes in the switch :3

ANYWAY, this episode has finally confirmed my hunch that there's someone behind this switch and playing around with the club members. He said they were fascinating? Well, I couldn't disagree to that since I practically enjoyed watching them with all the body switching going on. His appearance (or presence) has stirred their already bothered minds. It wasn't surprising for Inaba Himeko (Sawashiro Miyuki) to be the first one to ask question since it's totally in her character to go ask questions quickly when pissed off. Her most important question? 'What is your objective?' He didn't replied to her but I've very curious as well. Also, I find it disturbing that he keeps on saying: that's not the task you've been assigned. SO basically it's like they've been assigned to 'personality swap department and they will be observe throughout the whole personality swapping? That could be pretty irritating.

Setting the 'Heartseed' issue aside, I really like how they are trying to make things more interesting here while Nagase Iori (Toyosaki Aki) talk it all out while being in Aoki Yoshifumi 's (Terashima Takuma) body. What has got me all going here? The question about identity. Nagase (whil being in Aoki's body) said that everyone had their own soul, mind and personality that makes up one's identity but what happens when they switch bodies? Since Nagase's soul and personality is currently in Aoki's body, Yaegashi Taichi (Mizushima Takahiro) identifies her as Nagase BUT personalities cannot be seen by people. Therefore, her physical appearance as Aoki is being identified by those people who does not know the situation. BUT what's going on in my mind is her last statement: But if our bodies lose their significance because of the personality switching, will we still be ourselves? In my own opinion, yes, they'll still be themselves no matter how many times they switch. There's no if-else in here, all this personality switching is really tiring, irritating, annoying and whatnot but by the end of the day, they will always be themselves.

In an overall look on this episode, I'd say that Silver Link has actually done a pretty good job in keeping this anime interesting. I was looking forward for a whole episode of the 3-way switch but I guess that would be wasting an episode so I guess this works better. I like how they aren't wasting any episodes :3 I'm looking forward to some character development on the following episodes(: AND I really like the comedy here && Inaba and Taichi :3

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