Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - First Impression

I've already posted my first impression on this season's reverse harem, Arcana Famiglia, and from what I can say on the first episode, it's something I'm going to watch. Now from the many harem series this season, this has got to be the one I'm having some motivation in watch other than DOG DAYS'. Although honestly speaking I don't have any deep reasons for that, I just felt like watching this more than the other harem series this season.

Going over to how this episode go, I'd have to say that it's more fun that I expected it to be. As I have mentioned in my watch list post, the production company is the one who brought us Haganai and Oreimo (who for some reasons both have extremely long titles. LOL.). I pretty much like the comedy in this episode and would definitely like to see more of them. As a harem, on the other hand, it definitely is generic. There's nothing special to it other than the guy being voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi which I really like, btw.

Anyway, the story has been clearly stated in this episode although I still had a couple of questions. As what the synopsis had said, the Food Research Club may be disbanded due to what the number one potential student council president believes in. Since the potential student council president, Shinonome Satsuki (Asakawa Yuu), is the head of the financial committee (or something like it), she wants to lower the budget of clubs that haven't gotten any achievements and disband the useless clubs. With that, the Food Research Club, who practically just samples and eats sweets as their club activities, is in danger of being disbanded unless they do something about. AND they will (of course) and that's by making Oojima Yuuki (Nakamura Yuuichi), run for student council president.

Other than the main story, this anime has pretty much confused me a little. First off, I'd like to go over with the OP scene of the episode. It's not that it totally confused me but rather, it just made things a little complicated but I believe that this was the beginning of the whole issue. I hate understanding complicated stuff so I'll let this slide. From what I've seen in here, the student council seems to have their own issue going on in one another and hopefully we'll get some light in there throughout the series. Aside from the student council, I'd also like to point out what Oojima can actually see while others couldn't. Honestly speaking, I found it quite odd. This episode pointed out 2 things that only Oojima can see and those were: the propeller on one of their classmates head and the mask covering one of the student council president candidate. I'd say that's one of the intriguing parts of this show.

As an opening episode, I believe that it has gotten it's role done well. Similar to Arcana Famiglia, the huge cast (being a harem series) is a big thing. Right after the OP, girls are started being introduced in an easy to remember kind of way. Most of them (or practically all of them) are pretty much typical right from the very first girls introduced, Sumiyoshi Chisato (Nakamura Eriko) and Kiba Mifuyu (Mizuhashi Kaori) which are Oojima's childhood friends. From what I've seen in their club, I'm pretty sure that this will be a pretty fun anime since they pretty much remind me of Haganai's Neighbor's Club :D

In an overall look on this episode, I'd say that KoiChoco would be a pretty generic harem series. It's going to be a fun ride of comedy-romance anime and I'm definitely tuning into this one. Whether I'll blog it or not is a decision to make since I'm pretty busy but watching, definitely yes. As I have mentioned a couple of times, being reminded of Haganai has greatly encouraged me into watching this series :D 

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